Listen to KCRW's Global Beat

Alex Crerar, 7th July 2021

KCRW is a Los Angeles based public radio station that has partnered with CBAA’s Amrap and the The Australian Music Alliance on a new program, Global Beat: Australia

The Global Beat series was created to highlight unique and emerging artists from around the world. The CBAA's own Andrew Khedoori has kicked off the series by showcasing some incredible Australian artists with KCRW host Raul Campos.

Utilising his extensive knowledge of the Australian music scene, Andrew is able to draw attention to these talented artists, as well as the vital role community radio plays in championing Australian artists. Community radio often launches the careers of many household names, and is a vital contributor to vibrant music scenes. 

Global Beat: Australia exposes Aussie artists to an extensive and previously untapped, international audience, while also showcasing the dynamic nature of community radio on an international scale. 

Want to listen to Global Beat: Australia?

You can hear all previous and upcoming episodes of Global Beat via KCRW's website.

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