A future blueprint for the charity and NFP sector

hfriedlander, 21st May 2019

The Community Council for Australia, which the CBAA is a member of, has commended the Morrison Government on their re-election, welcomed their commitment to fundraising reform, and called for more certainty and support across the charities sector.

David Crosbie, CEO of CCA, said today; 

“We congratulate the Morrison Government on winning a third term in government. We know Prime Minister Scott Morrison values the charities sector and we welcome the government’s commitment to reform fundraising regulations in Australia so that charities can get on with doing what they do best – serving their communities.

We believe it is important for governments to work constructively with the charities sector in building flourishing communities across Australia. We are hoping the incoming Morrison Government notes the CCA pre-election platform. We are especially keen to see the Prime Minister’s new Cabinet include a first ever ‘Minister for Charities’ to ensure all charities and not-for-profits have a clear avenue for productive engagement with the new Morrison Government.”

The CCA pre-election platform included the following five asks:

  1. Appoint a Minister responsible for the charities sector and a Ministerial Advisory Group of sector leaders to provide advice about much needed reforms in the way governments interact with charities across Australia.
  2. Boost sector investment and productivity by increasing certainty in government funding, concessions, incentives and regulations.
  3. Work with the charities and NFP sector to develop a future blueprint for the sector, including extensive consultation; economic modelling of future scenarios; strategies to capitalise on emerging opportunities; and increased capacity to respond to emerging risks and limitations.
  4. Fix fundraising regulation.
  5. Reform the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status processes.

Charities employ over 1.3 million Australians, turn over more than $150 billion each year, engage 3 million+ volunteers, and touch almost every aspect of life in Australian communities.

Charities are too important to be left languishing on the sidelines of major economic and social policy in Australia. An incoming Morrison government that is committed to achieving a strong, resilient and productive Australia, will bring charities into national policy discussions, and provide a more certainty about their future.

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We are pleased that the community broadcasting sector continues to receive wide support across the political spectrum.


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The CBAA supports Community Council of Australia's open letter to governments across Australia. David Crosbie and Tim Costello make seven suggestions as to how government can work more effectively with charities over the coming months.