FBi Click DJs - photo credit to Liam Cameron

Digital radio service FBi Click celebrates one year on air

Digital Radio Project staff, 6th July 2015

It’s been 12 months since Sydney metro community radio station FBi launched their second station FBi Click, an exclusive mix of electronic and dance music on their dedicated DAB+ service.

FBi Click party queue - photo credit Liam CameronPreviously broadcasting a simulcast of their popular FM station on their DAB+ service, in 2014, FBi Radio decided to do something different and launched FBi Click - which they describe as a digital radio station dedicated to dance, electronic and hip hop music. The service covers everything from deep house, UK Garage and club bangers to Afrobeat, dancehall and experimental beats.

FBi has always been incredibly proactive in organising shows and events to push the cause, so it made sense to celebrate their first birthday in style with a gig at Goodgod Small Club in Sydney, featuring many of the DJs and artists that give FBi Click it’s unique sound.

“It was extremely heartening to see queues stretched down the street and around the corner for this sold out event,” says Clare Holland, Managing Director of FBi.  “It confirmed to us that FBi Click has a growing and diverse audience and that as designed, it's helping us to reach new audiences and creative communities.”

With a very clear plan and focus, FBi Click quickly carved itself out an important point of difference on the digital radio dial as DAB+ uptake increases dramatically across Australia, and the world.

“Launching FBi Click has been both challenging and rewarding,” Holland reflects on the first year of broadcast for the new service. “Educating our broadcasters and our wider audience about what digital radio is, and how you can listen has been difficult - there's still a lot of confusion about the difference between digital and online radio. On the flipside, that's part of the reason we're doing it. FBi Click was launched in the context of a broader content strategy because we know that as a broadcaster we need to be agile and able to produce content that sits across multiple platforms.”

Holland forecasts future development of the service and growing the current programming model:

"Looking forward, our focus will be on further audience growth and ensuring the station is better resourced. We're looking to develop partnerships with sponsors to support more unique programming initiatives. There's one in the pipeline that supports young female talent that we're particularly excited about.”

FBI Click joins other 'digital only' services that have been broadcast on DAB+ digital radio in Sydney since the commencement of digital radio: religious service, Inspire; and the ethnic cultural service, 2000 Languages.  

Other digital radio services in Sydney include full simulcast of the Indigenous service, Koori Radio; the 2RPH radio reading service, otherwise on AM; and the religious service 2MFM. Two further stations broadcast a hybrid mix of simulcast and new digital-only programs: educational radio, 2SER; and the classical Fine Music service.

Learn more about FBi Click and listen in to FBi Click on DAB+ on digital radio in Sydney.

For more information on community DAB+ services contact the Digital Radio Project at the CBAA on 02 9310 2999 or via email.

Photos by Liam Cameron.

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The CBAA's Digital Radio Project is enabling community radio in Australia to be at the forefront of digital radio technology with some community stations using the opportunity of a second channel to experiment and push boundaries.


At 1pm today, FBi Radio launched their new service on community digital radio, FBi Click.


On June 25, Sydney's FBi Radio will launch FBi Click, a new digital station that will showcase the best new dance and electronic music – broadcasting 24/7 on digital radio and online at fbiradio.com/click.