Crisis cabinet formed to highlight key issues for charity sector through COVID-19

hfriedlander, 15th April 2020

A Charities Crisis Cabinet has been formed with co-Chairs Rev Tim Costello AO and Susan Pascoe AM and 18 other leaders from the not-for-profit sector, including Jon Bisset (CBAA, CEO).

We thank the Community Council of Australia for their leadership in helping to establish the Cabinet.  

What is the Cabinet doing?

The Cabinet has met twice in the last eight days, with further meetings planned. Drawing on its members’ collective experience, knowledge and networks across the diversity of the sector, the Cabinet has begun identifying key issues that cut across the sector, such as the likely impact on public and corporate giving. Policy options that have broad consensus within the group are being worked on, with good government engagement.  

The Cabinet’s overall aim is to enable charities, including community radio stations, to support their communities through the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those most vulnerable to increased harm. The Cabinet also wants to help ensure as many charities as possible can effectively contribute to building flourishing communities after the crisis.

Already there is an open letter (written by the Community Council of Australia) to the Prime Minister, the Premiers and Chief Ministers calling for action to support charities by:

  • locking in all existing government funding until 2021
  • allowing charities the flexibility to respond to their communities by not enforcing narrow contract and performance requirements
  • ensuring charities can access the same support packages as are being provided to small business
  • extending tax deductibility for donations to all charities, and
  • increasing the tax offsets for donations for the next six months

We will keep you updated about the Cabinet’s work. You can also visit Community Council of Australia's website for more information and email feedback to the Cabinet at [email protected].

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Today the Charities Crisis Cabinet, which the CBAA is a part, has written to the Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers calling for urgent fundraising reform


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