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From Adelaide to Bonn: Ineke Mules, 2017 Mike Thompson/Clare Atkinson Intern

hfriedlander, 14th July 2017

Almost 30 Australian community broadcasters have benefited from a paid internship opportunity to travel to Germany and join the team in the Deutsche Welle newsroom. This included Clare Atkinson, who sadly passed away last year, and for whom the Mike Thompson/Clare Atkinson internship is now named.

This year’s intern is Ineke Mules, who is currently in Germany and caught up with us to share her experience so far.

What are your first impressions working in Deutsche Welle's newsroom in Bonn? Deutsche Welle - Ineke Mules

My first impression of the Deutsche Welle newsroom is how fast-paced it can be - speed and accuracy are the most important aspects of news writing and it can take a bit of practice to match Deutsche Welle's standards. I've also needed to quickly come to grips with the different news-based software they use. At Deutsche Welle, OpenMedia is their main point of access to global news wires and audio, video and online content for all departments. There are also different programs for audio and video editing which are quite different from what I've used in the past at Radio Adelaide.

What is your journalistic experience to date?

Most of my journalistic experience is radio-based. I've conducted interviews, presented live and produced for Breakfast on Radio Adelaide and The Wire. I also used to write and present the Breakfast news, so that definitely prepared me somewhat for the fast-paced newsroom environment - although certainly not on the same scale!

Why do you think it's important to intern in Germany, or overseas more broadly?

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived here was the difference in news content compared to outlets in Australia. There's a much more in-depth focus on European politics for example - including many eastern European states which often don't warrant much of a mention back home. I was lucky enough to begin my internship just as we entered a very interesting time both for Germany and the rest of Europe. The international ramifications of Donald Trump's election mean Germany has a newfound relevance on the global stage. International observers are already predicting the country will begin to set some important foreign policy norms, leading to a lot of high expectations in the wake of the refugee crisis, which most Germans are still coming to terms with. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, France and Germany are gearing up for some pretty major elections, which could decide the future of the EU as populist candidates continue to gain momentum. It's an uncertain time for many here at the moment, but an invaluable training ground for a journalism intern.

What are you most looking forward to learning during your internship?

In June I'm heading to Berlin to do a month-long stint at the globalisation program, Global 3000. I've never done any TV work before so I'm really looking forward to learning a lot while I'm there.

How has community radio equipped you for this experience?

Based on my own experience, community radio has provided unparalleled practical experience in the media industry which can be used across borders. I arrived at Deutsche Welle already knowing how to conduct interviews, put together stories and pitch ideas in the newsroom. Community radio has equipped me with a great base which I hope I can build upon.

What do you love most about community radio?

One of the things I love most about community radio is the opportunity to produce content which you feel is important and relevant, while also having the freedom to learn and grow as a journalist along the way. The content is always very reflective of the diverse Australian community - no two programs are the same and the passion of the presenters and producers always shines through. 

This article was first published in CBX Magazine in April 2017.

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Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, is offering the Mike Thompson/Clare Atkinson internship for aspiring multimedia journalists. This paid internship is a unique opportunity for applicants to gain on-the-job training in DW's multimedia newsroom in Bonn, Germany, with the possibility of extension or freelance work.


Deutsche Welle has selected Sean Goodwin to join their newsroom team in Germany commencing March 2020!


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