2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards

2018 national community radio awards finalists revealed

Helen Henry, 31st August 2018

The finalists for the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards for the best in Australia’s community broadcasting sector have been announced.

150+ finalists span the 28 different categories, and represent a diverse cross section of the community radio sector. 2018 sees 12 new categories introduced celebrating the best in areas such as online content, station leadership, Indigenous broadcasting, journalism and new programs, among others.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's CEO Jon Bisset says the awards program is always an inspiring insight into the incredible contributions of stations across Australia.

"Congratulations to all the finalists - it is our pleasure to have this opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic work happening in community radio stations across the country. This body of work reflects the sector's crucial role in providing a platform for local information and news shared by local voices, diverse programming, and Australian and specialist music."

Winners for these - as well as the Michael Law and Tony Staley Awards - will be announced at the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards Gala Dinner, held as the closing event of the CBAA's national conference in November. Attendees will learn, network and share their own experiences through a program of workshops, presentations from industry leaders, and social events, including the gala.

The full list of finalists can be found below. A panel of almost 100 judges will select winners for each category in the coming weeks.

Tickets to the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards Gala Dinner are available now. Registration is the via the CBAA Conference portal - register for both events now to save on special earlybird rates - closing Monday.

5.7 million Australians tune in to 450+ community radio services across Australia each week. Find out more about Australia's largest independent media sector.

For more information please contact the CBAA on (02) 9310 2999.

2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards Finalists

Best New Radio Program
  • The Aurora Underground (89.7 FM, Perth, WA)
  • Completada Bailable (3CR Community Radio 855 AM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • The WKRP Radio Show (6DBY Larrkardi Radio 97.9 FM, Derby, WA)           
  • Rainbow KINection (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA)
  • AFL Multicultural Program (3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Race Matters (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
Best Online Content
  • Fairytale Sydney Harbour Proposal (Hope FM 103.2, Sydney, NSW)
  • Slightly Odway (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA)
  • Bunbury RSL Say No to Anzac Haka (Ngaarda Media, Roebourne, WA)
Best Radio Program – Music
  • Fresh Across Australia (Hope FM 103.2, Sydney, NSW)
  • Top 100 Indigenous Songs of All Time (3KND 1503 AM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Hillbilly Hoot (Three D Radio 93.7 FM, Adelaide, SA)
  • The Tiki Lounge Remix (2BBB FM 93.3 FM, Bellingen, NSW)
  • The Shizzle (Bay FM 99.9 FM, Byron Bay, NSW)
Best Radio Program – Talks
  • Vietnam Veterans of Hornsby Ku-ring-gai (Triple H 100.1 FM, Waitara, NSW)
  • Talk the Talk (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA)
  • Dying to Know You (2NVR Radio Nambucca 105.9 FM, Tewinga, NSW)
  • THINK: Digital Futures – How An Algorithm Learns to be Racist (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Exposing the War On Drugs (Nim FM 102.3, Nimbin, NSW)
Best Special Event Broadcast
  • ‘Yes Day’ Broadcast (JOY FM 94.9, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2SER’s Federal Budget Coverage 2017 (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Off The Record (Triple R 102.7 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • JB Tribute (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA))
  • Fang It! Live for International Women’s Day (PBS 106.7 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
Best Station Fundraising Campaign
  • Your Voice for Hope Appeal – June 2017 (Light FM 89.9, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Hope-A-Thon 2017 (Hope FM 103.2, Sydney, NSW)
  • Radiothon 2017 – Keeping Bay FM Afloat, and our oceans pristine (Bay FM, 99.9 Byron Bay, NSW)
  • Moving Out, Moving Up (SYN Media 90.7 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • The Dungeon of Darkness (part of the ‘Stories of Hope Appeal’) (LifeFM 103.9, Gippsland, VIC)  
Best Station Fundraising Campaign: Small Station
  • Australian Country Concert (2MNO FM 90.5, Cooma, NSW)
  • Building Stronger Links (Radio Eastern 98.1 FM, Croydon, VIC)
  • Radiothon Month (MAINfm 94.9, Castlemaine, VIC)
Best Station Production
  • Found Underground (Eastside Radio 89.7 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Passing on Wisdom: Jason’s Diabetes Story (Radio MAMA (Midwest Aboriginal Media Association,­) Geraldton, WA)
  • Goin’ Back: Volunteer Recruitment Project (Vision Australia Radio 1197 AM, Adelaide, SA) 
  • NAIDOC Advert for Local Events (Ngaarda Media, Roeburne, WA)
  • Fresh 92.7 App Promo (Fresh 92.7 FM, Adelaide, SA)
  • Revealed Art Market (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA
  • John Van Bowman – “Radiothon Messages” (Three D Radio 93.7 FM, Adelaide, SA)
Contribution to Australian Music – Initiative
  • HomeGrown Battle of the Bands (Triple H 100.1 FM, Waitara, NSW)
  • Tracks (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • TLC – Australian Music Initiative (TLC FM 100.3, Yamba, NSW)
  • In The Pines 2018: 25th Anniversary (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA)
Contribution to Australian Music – Radio Program
  • The Band Next Door (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • The Love-Hate Relationship of Music and Health (4EB 98.1 FM, Brisbane, QLD)
  • Breaking Bands (2RRR 88.5 FM, Henley, NSW)
  • The Bridge (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Definition Radio (1WAY FM 91.9, Canberra, ACT)
Excellence in Community Engagement
  • TLC FM 100.3, Yamba, NSW
  • FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW
  • Wangki Radio 936 AM, Fitzroy Crossing, WA                     
  • 4MBS 103.7 FM, Brisbane, QLD
  • Harvey Community Radio 96.5 FM, Harvey, WA
Excellence in Creative Audio
  • The Tourist (Vision Australia Radio 990 AM, Perth, WA)
  • All The Best (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • One By One / The Bohemian Beat (Bay FM 99.9, Byron Bay, NSW)
  • 1.4 Square Kilometres (4ZZZ 102.1 FM, Brisbane, QLD)
  • THINK: Health – Hatred of Sound (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
Excellence in Digital Media
  • The View From Here – Fremantle Series (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA)
  • Fresh 92.7 App (Fresh 92.7 FM, Adelaide, SA)
  • Black Star (QRAM, QLD)
  • Seeking Sydney (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Pure Space (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
Excellence in Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting
  • AFL Multicultural Project (3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Sri Lankan Show (3MDR 97.1 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • El Premier Café De La Manana - First Coffee of the Morning (Radio Skid Row 88.9 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Konnichiwa (6HFM Heritage 107.3, Perth, WA)
  • Sandigan - Filipino Ethnic Broadcast (2RDJ 88.1 FM, Sydney, NSW)
Excellence in Ethnic and Multicultural Engagement
  • 4EB FM 98.1, Brisbane, QLD
  • Smart FM 99.1, Swan Hill, VIC
Excellence in Indigenous Broadcasting
  • Noongar Radio (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA) 
  • Raypirriwuy Radio Services (Yolngu Radio 88.9 FM, Darwin, NT)
  • Marion Cheedy’s Juluwarlu Gems (Ngaarda Radio, Roeburne, WA)
Excellence in Indigenous Engagement
  • Wangki Radio 936 AM, Fitzroy Crossing, WA
  • Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA
Excellence in Innovative Programming and Content
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Radio (Bay FM 99.9, Byron Bay, NSW)
  • Exposing The War on Drugs (NimFM 102.3, Nimbin, NSW)
  • AFL Multicultural Program (3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • TGIYES (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • JB Tribute (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA)
  • Hillbilly Hoot (Three D Radio 93.7 FM, Adelaide, SA)
  • Off The Record: Americana Special (Triple R FM 102.7, Melbourne, VIC)
Excellence in Journalism
  • Jake Morcom, Cheyne Anderson, Miles P Herbert (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Mia Armitage (Bay FM 99.9, Byron Bay, NSW)
  • Rachel Burns (2NVR Nambucca Valley Radio 105.9 FM, Tewinga, NSW)
  • Annie Hastwell (Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM, Adelaide, SA)
Excellence in Music Presenting
  • Katharina Loesche (4EB 98.1 FM, Brisbane, QLD)
  • Seth Jordan (2BBB FM 93.3 FM, Bellingen, NSW)
  • Annika Moses, Eduardo Cossio, Bryce Moore, Michael Terren (RTRFM 92.1, Perth, WA)
  • Phillip Hill (Basmati) (4ZZZ 102.1 FM. Brisbane, QLD)
  • Jason Heath (JOY 94.9 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
Excellence in News & Current Affairs Programming
  • Exposing the War On Drugs (Nim FM 102.3, Nimbin, NSW)
  • Another World (Eastside 89.7 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Blackchat (Koori Radio 93.7 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Community Newsroom (Bay FM 99.9, Byron Bay, NSW)
  • 2SER Newsroom (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
Excellence in Outside Broadcasting
  • Carols In The Park (Hills Radio 88.9 FM, Mount Barker, SA)
  • Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary Special (JOY FM 94.9, Melbourne, VIC)
  • CBM Miracles Day (Hope FM 103.2, Sydney, NSW)
  • Wangki Radio (Fitzroy Crossing, WA)
  • Eltham Jazz, Wine and Food Festival (3PVR Plenty Valley FM 88.6, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Black Day, Sun Rises, Blood Runs (3KND 1503 AM, Melbourne, VIC) 
Excellence in Technical Innovation
  • Gerald Pyne (QRAM, QLD)
  • David Corkill and Ian Moore (Three D Radio 93.7 FM, Adelaide, SA) 
Excellence in Technical Services
  • David Miller, Phil Young, Bronwyn Hellings, Dave Goonan, Chris Hext, Phil Ruck, Pierre Rispoli, Brian Ruck & Ren Cuttriss-Garry (3MDR 97.1 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Richard Fleming (2ser 107.3, Sydney, NSW)
  • Heinz Dittloff (Apple 98.5 FM Bacchus Marsh Community Radio, Bacchus Marsh, VIC)
Excellence in Training
  • 6HFM Heritage 107.3, Perth, WA
  • 3PVR Plenty Valley FM 88.6, Melbourne, VIC
  • Women on the Edge (4ZZZ 102.1 FM, Brisbane, QLD)
  • Youth Transforming Justice (3CR Community Radio 855 AM, Melbourne, VIC)
Outstanding Small Station Award
  • 4YOU, Rockhampton, QLD
  • Alpine Radio 96.5 FM, Mount Beauty, VIC
Outstanding Volunteer Contribution
  • John Pedersen (5MBS 99.9 FM, Adelaide, SA)
  • Matoc Achol (3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Sally Hutchison (3MBS 103.5 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Crystal Russom (CoastFM 96.3, Gosford, NSW)
  • Michelle Tamblyn (Hills Radio 88.9 FM, Mount Barker, SA)
  • Marley Amphlett (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA)
Outstanding Youth Contribution
  • Catherine Webb (SYN Media 90.7 FM, Melbourne, VIC / Gippsland FM 104.7, Morwell, VIC)
  • Selena Shannon (FBi Radio 94.5 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Anthony Eden (Hope FM 103.2, Sydney, NSW)
  • Nadia Zahr (2MFM 92.1, Sydney, NSW)
  • Alyssa Anderson (1WAY FM 91.9, Canberra, ACT)
Station Leadership Award
  • Jarrod Graetz (Light FM 89.9, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Melanie Withnall (2ser 107.3 FM, Sydney, NSW)
  • Paul Whitton (Noongar Radio 100.9 FM, Perth, WA) 
  • Scott Black (4RPH 1296 AM)
  • Ali Ayliffe (Three D Radio 93.7 FM, Adelaide, SA) 
  • Gerry “Gman”Lyons (3KND 1503 AM, Melbourne, VIC)
Troy Garner Excellence in Sports Programming
  • Sunday Sports Round Up (Alive 90.5 FM, Baulkham Hills, NSW)
  • AFL Multicultural Project (3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Crossing The Line (Eastside Radio 89.7 FM, Sydney, NSW)      

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The finalists for the 2019 CBAA Community Radio Awards have been announced.


The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia today congratulates finalists in the 2015 CBAA Community Radio Awards.


The full list of Award finalists can be found below. Winners will be announced at the CBAA Conference 27-29 October, along with the recepients of the Michael Law and Tony Staley Awards. 

Congratulations to all who has participated in this years program.