CBAA Awards

Alex Crerar, 5th September 2022

The full list of Award finalists can be found below. Winners will be announced at the CBAA Conference 27-29 October, along with the recepients of the Michael Law and Tony Staley Awards. 

Congratulations to all who has participated in this years program. 

Amy Leiper, 2nd May 2022

The CBAA is excited to launch the 2022 CBAA Community Radio Awards—celebrating the sector’s innovation, perseverance, and its community champions.

hfriedlander, 29th April 2022

"It's important for us to give First Nations people a voice, but of course, as a community radio station, we give all local people a voice" Tangiora Hinaki, Ngaarda Media

Amy Leiper, 6th December 2021

This article announces the 2021 CBAA Award Winners.

Amy Leiper, 22nd October 2021

CBAA to announce the 2021 CBAA Community Radio Award Finalists over Facebook over the week of 25 October to 29 October (Monday - Friday).

cbaacomms, 20th November 2020

We're thrilled to announce the winners for the 2020 CBAA Community Radio Awards.

With more than 30 categories, the CBAA Community Radio Awards aim to celebrate innovation, perseverance and community champions within our sector.

Danny Chifley, 20th November 2020

This award celebrates the vital role that small stations play in the community broadcasting sector.

Danny Chifley, 20th November 2020

The winner of the Tony Staley Award is a community broadcasting organisation or initiative that actively promotes the values of community broadcasting in the areas of democracy, diversity, access and independence. 

Danny Chifley, 20th November 2020

The Station Leadership award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated sustained exceptional leadership in their station. 

Awards 2019-Finalists

Katrina Hughes, 16th August 2019

The finalists for the 2019 CBAA Community Radio Awards have been announced.