Sponsorship in CRN Programs


To offset production costs, CRN-distributed programming is permitted to contain up to 2.5 mins of sponsorship per hour (reducing on a pro-rata basis by program duration). This allows a further 2.5 minutes of local sponsorship announcements by user stations. Sponsorship messages within CRN-distributed programming must not be removed from the programs before local broadcast without notifying the CBAA. See below for contact details.

In live playout only

  • Good Morning Country: maximum of 2.5min per hour (including Rural Reports as per below)
  • Countryfolk Around Australia: maximum of 2.5 min per hour
  • Mike McColl Show: up to 2.5 min per hour
  • Saturday Breakfast: maximum of 2.5 min per hour

Live + embedded in DDN files

  • Arts Alive: 1 min per edition - start and end
  • Beale Street Caravan: 15 seconds, at start of each edition
  • Live Delay: up to 60 seconds per edition
  • National Indigenous News Review: approx 1 min per edition
  • Pop Heads: 30 seconds per edition; 15 seconds at start, 15 seconds at end
  • Rural News: 8 seconds per 210 second edition, at end
  • Three Chords and the Truth: up to 2.5 minutes per edition
  • That's What I Call Science!: up to 30 seconds per edition

For further information on broadcast/distribution times of the above programs, the nature of the sponsorship content, or with any other queries, please view our program guide page, or contact CRN staff at the CBAA on 02 9310 2999 or [email protected].