A Timeline of the CBF Review


The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) is currently undertaking a review of its structure and governance. See below for a short timeline on this process to date.

April 2014

Following a strategic planning process that overwhelmingly recommended a review of its structure and governance, the CBF appointed Nous Group to lead an independent review. The objective of the consultancy was to provide an independent assessment of how the CBF can best structure its governance and funding programs to serve the needs of the community broadcasting sector in the medium term. Based on this evaluation, the consultants provided 34 recommendations in a report released in October 2014 for variation to the CBF’s current structure and governance, and the funding model that underpins them.

September and October 2014

The CBF released the Nous Review report to the CBAA, NEMBC, AICA, RPHA and ACTA in September 2014. The CBAA was concerned that, given the far-reaching implications for the sector of some of the changes proposed by Nous, wider consultation was needed to allow for well-researched and considered responses by the CBAA and other stakeholders. As such, the CBAA requested that the CBF make the report public.

At the CBAA’s recommendation, the CBF released the report publicly and, with an extended timeframe, called for comments to consider in their next stages of planning. The CBAA created a discussion paper and called for comment, as well as holding an open forum at the 2014 CBAA Conference to consult with its members and consulting with its Board members, representing a diverse range of stations and communities of interest.

November 2014

Following a period of consultation with members, the CBAA made a submission to the CBF based on this feedback. This is discussed in greater detail here.

June 2015

The CBF published a consultation paper in response to the Nous Report and hosted webinars and answered questions on the proposed changes as part of its consultation process. The CBAA shared this consultation paper with stakeholders via its website, and encouraged members to provide feedback to the CBAA and also directly to the CBF.

July 2015

The CBAA made a second submission to the CBF in response to the June consultation paper. It is available to download PDF icon here.pdf.

September 2015

The CBF has announced that the consultation period for this reform will be extended to Friday, 18 December 2015. This will allow for further consideration of the proposed changes and discussion at upcoming sector conferences, including the CBAA Conference taking place in Terrigal from 12 – 15 November. CBF representatives will be available at the conference to discuss and answer questions.  The CBF will publish a paper in this month that will outline revisions to the CBF model based on this latest round of sector feedback.

October 2015

Following the announcement of an extended consultation period, on 11 October the CBAA distributed a second consultation paper entitled PDF icon Embracing Change - a stronger future for community broadcasting.pdf. The CBAA encouraged its members to provide feedback on this paper both directly to the CBAA (by 11 December 2015) and also to the CBF for consideration by its Board.

November 2015

The CBAA facilitated a number of opportunities for community broadcasters to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the CBF in sessions at the 2015 CBAA Conference. This included a session hosted by members of the CBF staff and board, and a discussion as part of the event's final plenary session.

December 2015

Based on feedback gathered at the 2015 CBAA Conference and through other avenues, the CBAA made a PDF icon submission.pdf in response to the second consultation paper in December.