Using Online and Social Media to Enhance Your Broadcasts


In an ever-changing media landscape, radio is no longer solely about audio content. New generations of listeners increasingly expect a more visual experience to sit alongside their daily radio show.

This is not about making videos which duplicate television - this is about radio with pictures - where the visualisation extends the audio content.

Visualising radio at its most basic could mean photos of a guest or an event. It could be a live stream through a webcam of some special event in the on air studio. It could be a photo or link to a musician’s website. Whatever the content the visualisation adds to the listener experience if they chose to dig deeper.

WEBINAR: Shareable Radio - visualising your audio online

This webinar looks at the challenges and opportunities of using social media and visualisation to make radio shareable and discoverable across multiple platforms.

Communication - Utilising Social Media and Your Website

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New Media Talkback Resource Booklet

When community radio first started there was a lot of discussion about the importance of community access and engagement. In fact, there was one school of thought which said that the phone was the most important piece of equipment in the studio. Why? Because it was the easiest way for the community to participate in broadcasts i.e. the easiest way to give access to the airwaves for the community. These days, communication with audiences is possible through phone calls, emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more.

Developed by the Community Media Training Organisation.