The role of the Board or Management Committee


The board is responsible for providing leadership and strategy to an organisation. It also bears ultimate legal responsibility.

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Introduction to the role of board members

This resource has been prepared to help new board members understand these roles, so they can contribute effectively to the successful running of their organisation from day one. Understanding the role of a board member is fundamental to the good governance of any organisation and ultimately, its success. This fact sheet from Justice Connect's Not-for-profit Law covers the role of a board member, their legal obligations, personal liability and what board members should know about their organisation.

Guide to the legal duties of not-for-profit committee members, directors and office holders 

This guide is about the legal duties that apply to people involved in governing not-for-profit (NFP) organisations in Australia – that is, people who sit on a committee or board, or are office holders (someone with control and influence over the governance of an organisation, even if they do no hold an official position). 

Holding board meetings

Incorporated associations hole many different meetings. These Not-for-profit Law fact sheets look at how these run in your state.

Governance for good - the ACNC's guide for charity board members

The Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission (ACNC) is the national independent regulator of charities. The ACNC's guide for charity board members explains the responsibilities of board members of registered charities. In particular, it focuses on the framework introduced by the ACNC Act, including minimum governance standards.

Choosing a new board member

Choosing a new member for your board or committee is one of the most important decisions your community broadcasting organisation can make. It’s important that board members share a commitment to your purpose. The ACNC's guide Choosing a new board member will help you to understand the duties of board members and help you find the right mix of skills and experience to support the work of your organisation.

Governance Pathways Learner Resource

Professional development is internal or external training that looks to enhance the skill set of your Board/Management Committee, volunteers, and/or staff.

Growing your employees' skill sets is great for your station and individual knowledge, helps you retain experienced and skilled staff and volunteers, and provides individuals with opportunities to grow. Training for your Board/Management Committee for example, could be in governance, facilitated group development sessions or specific training targeted to develop the skills of the committee to assist in making decisions. Get this resource to share with your Board/Management Committee and any new Members to help expand their knowledge of governance.

This resource has been developed by the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO). You can also contact the CMTO for Governance/Board Induction training at your station.