Fundraising Laws in Australia - for not-for-profits and charities


Each Australian state and territory has its own, different rules relating to fundraising. If you are planning to undertake fundraising activities, or are already doing so, you need to understand these laws and the implications for your fundraising.

A Guide to Fundraising Laws in Australia

Justice Connect's Not-for-profit Law has put together this guide to help you understand the laws around fundraising, including identifying and complying with the relative laws.

ACNC - Charity Fundraising Resources

If your station is registered as a charity, then it is important to understand charity regulations. The responsible persons of a charity are, collectively, responsible for the way a charity conducts its fundraising. The ACNC sees the oversight of fundraising activities as an important aspect of good charity governance. The materials on the above link will help the responsible persons of charities manage their fundraising activities and know what issues they should look out for. This includes knowing your obligations as well as getting specific state-based advice.

Fundraising Licences - do we need a fundraising licence?

Maybe, depending on the state(s) you operate in (multiple if you operate in more than one state) and fundraising activities. Click through to get information by state, as compiled by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.