Developing a Community Consultation Policy/Strategy

A community consultation policy or strategy helps define the communties of interest the station will target as members, listeners and volunteers.

On top of this a community radio station should have a plan or procedure for engaging its communities of interest.

The ACMA particularly requires evidence of community engagement for community radio station licence renewals and having formally documented policies and plans around this can assist in the process.

ACMA Draft Community Consultation Strategy

The ACMA recommends using a Consultation Strategy, and the above template can be used to outline your station’s community engagement approach during your five-year licence period (if a permanent-licensed broadcaster). It is to be read in conjunction with your station’s Engagement Program (see below) at all times.

ACMA Draft Structured Engagement Program

The Engagement Program details your station's objectives, aims and expected outcomes, and how the station will achieve these using specific actions and timeframes.

These policies and procedures can be submitted as part of your B66 application for the renewal of your station's permanent licence. Get further resources.