From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

From the Embers Podcast - The Mosquito Army - Ep 3


Early in the bushfire season, the South Highlands town of Mongarlowe in New South Wales was encircled by flames and cut off from outside support.

The town was facing encroaching fires so vast and severe, that in any other circumstance support teams of extra fire trucks and crews, emergency services and much more would have been sent to aid the town - but in this season of fires, there was no extra support to give. So the town spawned a grass roots firefighting collective to assist the local Rural Fire Services Brigade - the Mongarlowe Mosquito Army.


  • James ‘Bolj’ Bakerboljevac
  • Hollie Bakerboljevac
  • Paul Bott 
  • Rowena Hall

From the Embers - Images from the Australian bushfire crisis of 2020


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