From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

From the Embers Podcast - The Fire and The Flood - Ep 4


People move to Cooma for the landscape, to walk through forests, to farm, to be embraced in a small community that welcomes outsiders. But in the summer of 2019, danger was lurking in the hills around Cooma and as the year ticked over, Cooma was visited by an unexpected disaster.

From the Embers documentary series takes listeners to the very heart of nine communities affected by the recent bushfire crisis. The communities of the Adelaide Hills, Bairnsdale, Braidwood, Cooma, Kangaroo Island, Mallacoota, Mongarlowe, Moruya and Omeo share their stories. In the wake of COVID-19, it's easy to forget that only a few short months ago, hundreds of communities across Australia were faced with fire and smoke, homes destroyed and one of the most difficult bushfire seasons Australia has ever seen. In this episode we visit the New South Wale town of Cooma, located 114 kms from Canberra.

From the Embers podcast 4 - Cooma

Guests in episode 4 include:

  • Yvi Henderson
  • Sujeed Bosco
  • Louise Jenkins
  • Jodi Brooks


  • Producer Lisa Burns
  • Executive Producer and Sound Design Sarah Mashman
  • Production Management Team Vicky Rouse and Abe Killian
  • Engineering Tegan Nichols
  • Script consultant Zoe Ferguson
  • Theme Oliver Beard

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