Other Sector Research


In addition to the CBAA's research program and 3CMedia, there are a range of other research projects conducted across the community broadcasting sector, outlined below.

The Joy of Social Connection

The Joy of Social Connection considers the serious social cost of growing loneliness amongst Australians and argues that community broadcasting in Australia should be valued as a medium to reduce social isolation and enrich community cohesion. The joy of social connection articulated by community radio volunteers and listeners is tangible.

More Than Radio - Social Return on Investment (SROI)

More than radio - a community asset is a Social Return on Investment analysis of Indigenous Broadcasting Services initiated to better understand the services offered by Indigenous broadcasting organisations, ensure Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) funded programs are delivering for local communities; and provide Indigenous broadcasters with evidence of their benefit and services. 

Digital Storytelling: Community Uses of Co-creative Media

The CBAA partnered with QUT in the Digital Storytelling: Community Uses of Co-creative Media national research project which brought together leading agencies in community arts, community media and Indigenous media and a team of nationally and internationally recognised researchers in the field to investigate “How can existing community-based infrastructure and new media affordances be combined to stimulate broad-based, population-wide innovation through creative participation?”