How to Get CRN

The Community Radio Network (CRN) is a subscription service available to all community radio stations in Australia. 
To access it you need to complete an application and obtain and install the necessary infrastructure at your station.
What does it cost to subscribe to the CRN?
Substantial discounts available to CBAA member stations.
Permanent Community Broadcaster CBAA Member stations
With gross annual total income less than $100,000: minimum fee applicable is $610 (excl GST) 
With gross annual total income between $100,000 and $300,000: 0.6% of annual turnover (plus GST)
With gross annual total income over $300,000: maximum fee applicable is $1,940 (excl GST)
Full members may pay the annual fee on an annual or monthly basis for the financial year (payable in July of each year).
Temporary Community Broadcaster (TCBL) and Aspirant CBAA Member stations
For Temporary Community Broadcaster (TCBL) CBAA Member stations a flat fee applicable is $420 (excl GST)
For Aspirant Community Broadcaster CBAA Member stations a flat fee applicable is $420 (excl GST) 
Non-CBAA Member stations
For non-members of the CBAA, this service is available and can be provided at an annual rate of $3,100 (excl GST)
All rates listed above are annual fees and are exclusive of GST.
Member stations are required to supply up to date audited accounts annually to the CBAA to determine subscription fees. Stations can opt to pay their CRN Subscriptions annually or monthly.
For further information please complete this form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.
What other costs are associated with the CRN?
There is an additional cost associated with accessing National Radio News bulletins. Click here to subscribe to the National Radio News service.
There is no cost associated with the use of the Digital Delivery Network computers server to capture access content.
What is needed to access the CRN?
To access the Community Radio Network, your station needs to set up the following satellite reception equipment:
  • A solid dish
  • An LNB (a down converter at the focal point of the dish)
  • A digital VAST receiver
  • Multiswitch
  • Smart card
  • Balancing equipment
  • Installation
  • Optional: program capture system such as the Digital Delivery Network (DDN) server to access the Community Radio Network high-speed data stream, giving stations access to the CRN file library, edition synopses & cue sheets, extras content and more.
For detailed information about how to set up your satellite equipment, and a list of equipment suppliers, please contact the Community Radio Network team on (02) 9310 2999 or through an online form.
How do you get grants and financial support for equipment?
The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) provides grants to licenced stations to enable them to purchase the necessary satellite reception equipment. Others choose to source their own equipment, but if you do this please liaise with CRN staff to ensure system compatibility. For information on satellite reception and DDN equipment grants please contact the Community Broadcasting Foundation on 03 8341 5900 or visit the CBF website
How do you register to get access to the CRN?