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Woodford Folk Festival broadcasts (4ZZZ/CRN)

enadmin, 21st December 2012

Brisbane's 4ZZZ is again sending a crew to the Woodford Folk Festival in the final week of 2012, and sharing the broadcasts with stations around the country.

They'll be presenting three hour-long broadcasts, capturing the vibe of the festival through interviews and live performances. The broadcasts will be available to community stations through the Community Radio Network satellite service. Check back for updates on featured artists.

About the festival

Woodford Folk Festival is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic events, this year is the festival’s 27th Anniversary. The programme encompasses the depth and diversity of Australia’s cultural, artistic and social expression with music, dance, cabaret, circus, comedy, workshops, debate, street theatre, films, forums, visual arts, an entire children's festival and many special presentations including a spectacular fire event on New Year’s Day.

CRN capture information

The broadcasts will be available for DDN recording through "Extras 1" at these times:

    Pt1: Thu 27/12 from 15:04 - 16:00 EDT
    Pt2: Fri 28/12 from 14:04 - 15:00 EDT
    Pt3: Fri 28/12 from 15:04 - 16:00 EDT

Files will record as "Woodford Folk Festival pt1", "...p2" and "...pt3" respectively.
CRN will replay all three specials in sequence on Sat 29/12 from 19:00 - 22:00 EDT, replacing regular programming.

Contact CRN staff via email or on 02 93189610 for further information.


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4ZZZ is again packing its top broadcasters into a van or two and sending them off to the Woodford Folk Festival so they can bring you the best treats that the festival has to offer.


4ZZZ, 4EB and Noosa FM are collaborating on this year's national Woodford Folk Festival broadcast.


Party with the nation!