CBAA Webinar - The new radio campaign for your station

WEBINAR: Community Drive - the radio campaign for your station on Community Radio Plus

Jane Liang, 25th July 2023

We asked Eardrum, the most awarded audio agency globally when it comes to producing effective campaigns and branded podcasts for advertisers worldwide, to create a series of radio spots for your radio station to play which will grow your listening audience.

Your station is available everywhere through the Community Radio Plus app. Your listeners can enjoy your station, see who's on-air, and what's playing and contact you on their morning commute, during workouts, or while cooking dinner - all with just a few taps on their mobile device.

Join CBAA's Andrew Morris and Eardrum's Ralph Van Dijk, a world authority on effective audio advertising and sonic branding, as they unpack an exciting new radio campaign for your station on the Community Radio Plus app.

Ralph has experience working with major brands like CommBank, Jet Star, Canva, and The Australian Open and will talk about the strategy behind the campaign, and show you how to use the new radio spots, scripts and announcer liners to achieve listener cut-through. 

Date: 3-4pm AEST Wednesday 2 August 2023. Stations will receive an email outlining the Community Drive radio campaign with all the media assets and audio on Tuesday, 1 August 2023. 

Presented by: Ralph Van Dijk, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Eardrum & Resonance Sonic Branding

Ralph van Dijk headshot

Ralph is an acclaimed expert in audio advertising and sonic branding, having won a Clio Award early in his career as an agency writer. He founded Eardrum in London in 1990, which has become the most awarded audio agency globally, producing effective campaigns and branded podcasts for advertisers worldwide. 

Ralph's passion for innovation and connecting brands with their audience through audio-led campaigns led him to launch Resonance, a specialist sonic branding agency. Resonance has already created audio brand assets for major brands like CommBank, Jet Star, Canva, and The Australian Open. His outstanding work has earned him recognition and the honour of serving as a jury President at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Catch up on the webinar via CBAA Learning.

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The CBAA is pleased to introduce broadcasters to a promotional kit to encourage listeners to engage with their favourite stations through the free Community Radio Plus app.


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