Wayne Bynder awarded 2020 Station Leadership Award

Danny Chifley, 20th November 2020
The Station Leadership award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated sustained exceptional leadership in their station. The recipient has displayed community radio virtues through a specific aspect of broadcasting – cultural, technical, or organisational – on air and/or behind the scenes.

What more can be said about Wayne Bynder that hasn't already been stated by our good friends at the CBF, or in Wayne's own words in The Guardian? Wayne has not only exhibited leadersip as the Station Manager at Wangki Radio, a role in which he'll be finshing up soon, but also through his involvement with CAAMA RadioWaringarri RadioNoongar Radio and so much more. 

Not only has Wayne been a leader, he has been a teacher, an inspiration, a valued voice for his community and one who has also listened to others in the hope of making them heard. 

Congratulations to Wayne! 

Find out more about the 2020 CBAA Community Radio Award winners.

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