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Vale Terry Mather

Danny Chifley, 1st March 2022
It is with great sadness that the CBAA and the community broadcasting sector marks the passing of Terry Mather OAM.

Terry first became involved with community broadcasting in 1994 at Hobart FM. After being interviewed at the station, Terry sought a deeper involvement with the station. His background in television production with the ABC and his love of all things community made him a natural fit. In addition to broadcasting with the station, Terry served as Treasurer for many years. Terry was able to combine his skill with fundraising with his love of community engagement, spearheading fundraisers that were as fun as they were vital for the ongoing success of the station, including raffles, BBQ’s open mic nights and even a vintage car exhibition.

Terry was involved in an official capacity at Hobart FM for 20 years and even longer as a volunteer broadcaster. He was awarded life membership of the station in 2010.

As a board member and grants assessor, Terry was a valued part of the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) for 16 years.

In 2012, Terry Mather was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia including community broadcasting and for his charity work with the ABC's Christmas charity, the Giving Tree. Terry had been involved with the charity for 20 years prior to being officially recognised, but accolades were never the reason for his charity. "It's just something that I've grown up with since I was about fifteen," Terry told the ABC after being awarded his OAM. "My father died when I was 12 and I saw how good the community was to my mother and us kids and from there in I think that's why I've gone out and done voluntary work."

Many of you may have met Terry at the CBAA Conference, at which he was a regular, proudly sporting his CBF badge and friendly demeanour. Asked about his experience attending his first CBAA Conference in 1995 at Monash University, Terry stated that “It was the Conference that really enlightened me as to what community broadcasting is all about.”

Interviewed about the 2010 CBAA Conference on Terry's home turf of Hobart, he was asked about his love of community broadcasting.

“We’re in this sector for the love of it. At the end of the day it’s about the people, the energy of being involved and the connection we have to our community,” he said “I like to think of community broadcasting as a family.”

Our thoughts go out to Terry and his family, everyone at Hobart FM who benefitted not just from his contribution to the station but also his wonderful nature and everyone in the sector who was lucky enough to know him. 

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