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amclellan, 3rd July 2017

Outstanding conversations produced by the Sydney Opera House are available to stations via the Community Radio Network from July.

Distributing for the first time to community radio is the ever-engaging It's A Long Story, exploring the stories behind the big ideas of some of the cultural institution's most influential and acclaimed guests. Also available are new specials from the much-loved former CRN weekly Deadly Voices From The House, hosted by Rhoda Roberts AO.

Both series feature extended conversations with national and international artists, advocates, thinkers and community leaders. Get listeners one-on-one and in-depth with someone changing the world around them. 

Deadly Voices new specials on CRN
Deadly Voices From The House
(4 x 55'00 specials)

Hosted by Rhoda Roberts, Head of First Nations Programming at the Sydney Opera House, Deadly Voices From The House hears from First Nations artists & leaders from around the country. 

"The key word is conversation, so rather than an interview where you are firing questions and trying to get that grab, it’s more about sitting in conversation and listening to someone" says Rhoda of her approach to preparing for each episode.

"I love the long form of conversation, because you get to hear the vulnerabilities, but also the passion outside what people would expect."

Hear Rhoda speak with:

  • Linda Burney - the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the House of Representatives
  • Adam Goodes - AFL legend, Australian of the Year, and White Ribbon ambassador
  • Ann Mossop - Head of the Talks and Ideas program at Sydney Opera House, who turns the table and interviews Rhoda Roberts
  • Danielle Ireland Piper - Co-Convenor of the Transnational, International and Comparative Law and Policy (TICLP) Network
Hear a quick chat we had with Rhoda about her career to date, how she approaches the show and what Deadly Voices we can expect to hear in the future.

Podcast and radio from Sydney Opera House
It's A Long Story
(6 x specials)

Rhoda's approach to interviewing may be shared by Hamish Macdonald, host of It's A Long Story, a podcast almost three seasons deep. The show is about the moments that made the people who shape our culture - from individuals that rally for civil rights, to people communicating science with a palpable urgency.

Hear Deng Thiak Adut's story, from being conscripted as a child soldier in Sudan to finding a new home in suburban Australia where he now represents other refugees as a lawyer. Or how when Geena Davis was three years old she announced to her parents that she was going to be in movies, to now launching the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Engage your listeners with these and many more stories.

Hamish Macdonald gets in-depth with:

  • Alicia Garza (51'10) - activist and co-creator of the #BlackLivesMatter network
  • Geena Davis (24'40) - actor, athlete and advocate
  • Deng Thiak Adut (55'50) - from child soldier to lawyer for the voiceless
  • Priyamvada Gopal (43'40) - Cambridge lecturer and specialist in colonial and post-colonial literature
  • Alok Jha (42'00) - a self-described water obsessive, scientist and communicator
  • Jad Abumrad (38'00) - co-founder of Radiolab – a radio show credited with creating a new aesthetic for the medium

Check out the podcasts of each episode and more on iTunes here.

Image: Badu Gili, Badu Gili artists. Projection on Sydney Opera House sails, June 2017. Photography by Daniel Boud.

For CRN subscribers:
  • These specials are all available for download from July and distributing to DDN stations 
  • For a broadcast download link, contact CRN staff on 02 9310 2999 or email [email protected]
  • Specials will distribute Wednesdays 14:04 AEST in the Extras 2 slot from 19 July, available for DDN capture
  • Window for local rebroadcast: 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
  • Check out all the podcasts on the Sydney Opera House website here and here

Not a CRN subscriber, but want to find out more about getting content like this for your station? Read more here.

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Many Community stations around the country - especially those who used to take the weekly indigenous music program Deadly Sounds - will be glad to hear that presenter/producer Rhoda Roberts will be returning to the CRN roster in 2015, with an all-new indigenous program.


Rhoda Roberts' new weekly program about Indigenous arts and culture is now available to any community station.


Once again the National Indigenous Radio Service and Community Radio Network will be syndicating a live broadcast from The Deadly Awards.