Special on Pine Gap, "the secret U.S. spy Base in Australia’s heart"

amclellan, 7th February 2018

According to information contained in the Edward Snowden leaks, Pine Gap - sitting in central Australia - is likely the CIA’s “most important technical intelligence collection station in the world”.

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From the studios of Community Radio 2XX comes the story of six Peace Pilgrims, arrested inside the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility near Alice Springs in 2016.

The pilgrimage sought to break the denial and secrecy around the facility, and bring into the light Australia's role in overseas warfronts through methods including drone warfare.

Under starlight in 2016, the Peace Pilgrims stealthily walked 14 km to enter the Base through a 4 strand cattle fence. They carried with them musical instruments and a small amp. 

Over 56 minutes, hear how the action put Pine Gap and Australia’s role on trial as the six appeared before the Supreme Court in Alice Springs.

This feature hears from:

  • The Pine Gap Peace Pilgrims: Paul Christie, Jim Dowling, Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine, Tim Webb and Franz Dowling
  • Scott Ludlum, former WA Greens Senator
  • Richard Tanter of Melbourne University, lecturer in Foreign Policy, Nuclear Weapons and relations to Indonesia, Chair of the Noble Peace Prize winning International Campaign for the abolition of Nuclear Weapons [ICAN]. 
  • Chris Tomlins, Arrente [Alice Springs area] Traditional Owner
  • Kevin 'Uncle Kev' Buzzacott, of the Arabunna nation in northern South Australia. He has campaigned widely for cultural recognition, justice and land rights for Aboriginal people.
  • Alex Edney-Browne, PhD canididate studying the psychological impacts of drone warfare.
  • Graeme Dunstan, long time peace activist.

Produced and presented by Bec Horridge.

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