Shady Nasty are AA Rated on the Charts!

Mitch Fuller, 4th February 2020
Music Moving the Metro Chart

Unconventional punk/hip-hop trio, Shady Nasty take on their surroundings in their latest EP, Bad Posture. Feeling unfamiliar with the current representations of Sydney in music, frontman Kevin Stathis notes “we feel disconnected within our music scene. We sound different to every band here, but at the same time, we write about our life and our experiences, so in a way it is Sydney-based.” Their most recent single, AA is a brutal yet cathartic tune detailing the lure of the digital world and the disconnection from reality that occurs as a result. The track is immediate and cataclysmic, landing them the number four position on the Metro Chart this week. Acclaimed jazz pianist, Barney Mcall has teamed up with beat disciples 30/70 for a double A-side single titled Seven Wonders – a forthcoming Melbourne jazz compilation from Plug Seven Records and Wondercore Island. 30/70’s single, Drifting has hit number five on the Metro Chart this week thanks to a visceral composition of dreamy horns, fragmented synths a honeyed vocals from the ever impressive Allysha Joy.

Leading the Way on the Regional Chart

Aly Cook is back with a heartfelt rendition of the Aussie classic, Not Pretty Enough. Featuring emotive answer lines and harmonies from Sharon O’Neill, the track is lifted, resembling an inner dialogue of sadness, regret and self-consciousness. This version of Not Pretty Enough is a stripped back reimagining of the Kasey Chambers 2002 smash hit, made relevant again thanks to the gorgeous back and forth between the two vocalists. Aly Cook made it to number seven on the Regional Chart this week trailed slightly by the latest from Adelaide supergroup, Stormhorse titled No Pride. Featuring Lauren Henderson on vocals, the funk-fuelled track is the perfect showcase for the talented group of musicians involved – blending elements of blues and soul with the inherent tightness of jazz trained performers. No Pride snuck into ninth place on the Regional Chart this week.

Beyond the Charts

Perth based rapper, Alex Parkman dropped his debut single, King of the Block last year and has been rapidly picking up momentum since then. Zimbabwean born, Alex immigrated to Australia thirteen years ago where he was first introduced to the sounds that influence him today. Topping off the decade with the release of his single In The Cut, Alex has returned in 2020 with NO CAP. The self-professed high-octane mood booster is brimming with energetic 808’s and his wavy vocalisations. NO CAP serves as an introspective look at the artist’s lifestyle and adoration for his day-ones. Alex may not have made it into the charts this week, but we’re likely to be hearing plenty of him in the coming weeks.

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