Relation / Expectation documentray artwork

Relation/Expectation (PBS FM, Melbourne)

Emma Ramsay, 23rd September 2015

By Jess Fairfax

To those I have loved, I know there were many times that we suffered, suffocated, felt the stabs of unnecessary pain and pinned self-loaded expectations onto each other. We fell apart, and this piece was made in an attempt to understand why.

To the listeners, you will hear fragments of conversations seeped in emotion, stories, ponderings and thought bubbles. You will be privy to moments of pure intimacy and hear honesty and self-reflection in its most vulnerable form. I hope that you find a moment that resonates, that makes its way into your home and heart, that you find a way to live a little lighter in love.

To my friends, you are the most wonderful, deep thinking, full of feeling human beings, whose words and wisdom will carry into the ears and roll like waves into the lives of many.

Let me introduce you to them:

  • Damian Spears: Sparky by day, verse writer by night. Hip Hop is his passion and his lyrics ooze with deeply thought out observations of the everyday world around him.
  • Louisa Scarmozzino: Primary school teacher, cheerleader and lover.
  • Ebony Moncrief: Born in the Deep South of Alabama, Ebony is a teacher in training, published poet, workshop facilitator and spoken word slam champion who delves into the realm of vulnerability and self-strength through her works.
  • Wallace Calvalho: Brazilian born beatmaker and producer, sound engineer in training and beats/electonica event curator.
  • Katherine Gailer: Colombian born visual artist and musician.
  • Oscar Jimenez: Colombian born musician and producer, front-man of ARIA nominated band Watussi..
  • Zakia Baig: Hazara writer, educator and activist. Zakia set up the Australia Hazara Women’s Friendship Network to aid with settlement issues for Hazara women living in Dandenong.
  • Quinn: Quinn is an emerging writer working in queer theory, fictocriticism, and post-structuralist and feminist theories of the body, subjectivity, and self. She writes short fiction, poetry, and fictocriticism, and is currently writing her PhD titled ‘this body, written’ at La Trobe University, Melbourne.
  • Yoseph H. Bekele: Ethiopian bass player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.
  • Vicki Fairfax: writer, meditater, nature lover, mother…. Of Jess.

Finally, I would love to keep the conversation going and the pens flowing. The poems you hear throughout the piece were written in response to a soundscape I created and fed to my friends as a sonic stimulus. I’d love for you to head to my Soundcloud page, stream this soundscape, write your own piece, record it and post it in the group.

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The CBAA is excited to announce the keynote speaker for the 2016 CBAA Conference, being held in Melbourne from 10 - 13 November.


This paper offers a descriptive account of the development, operation and management of the youth media program YouthWorx Media that engages disadvantaged young people in media creation. Through the combined perspectives of the project manager and researcher working on the project, we reflect on the actual, on-the-ground practices. A provision of intermediary pathways for reconnection with education and employment via media training for Melbourne ‘youth at risk’ is the key objective of the project, against which the project’s ‘real world’ social outcomes are being documented and measured. However, we recognise also the ‘messiness’ of the program’s delivery process, and its uneasy documentation through ethnographic research. The implementation of projects like YouthWorx involves a series of calculated strategic decisions informed by a set of shared values and underlying philosophies (e.g., a pedagogy of working with ‘youth at risk’ via media presented here), but also—and equally important—numerous ad hoc responses to ‘real’ situations at hand. This paper emphasises then an inherent process of translation of the project’s original conceptions or ideas, constantly tested and re-visited, into on-the-ground educational and media activities. It underscores a value of exploring connections between theory/philosophies and practice, social work and academic research, hoping to contribute to a wider discussion of the role of community media/arts initiatives in stimulating positive social change.


As devout believers in the age-old craft of storytelling, Radio with Pictures creates a match made in heaven – a blind date with radio and comics.
The inaugural Radio With Pictures show Filing in the Blanks was performed on stage at the Sydney Opera House as part of the GRAPHIC festival on Sunday November 11 2012 and broadcast on FBi radio 94.5 fm, with images on digital radio thanks to the CBAA’s Digital Radio Project.