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Registration open for 2023 CBAA Annual Conference

Joshua Cole, 22nd August 2023

The conference is the premier event for community broadcasters and a rare chance to come together to learn, and to share stories, experiences and knowledge. It is an opportunity to network, to meet new peers and old friends.

The CBAA Conference 2023 will be a landmark event, being held at the end of a pivotal year in the amazing story of community broadcasting. The Conference will arrive soon after the sector has set out its 10-year vision for community broadcasting – Roadmap 2033 and following the completion of the Australian Government’s review on how to improve sector sustainability.

The Conference will present a purposeful and forward-looking program for attendees that will challenge and inspire the sector and stations to elevate our impact through collaboration, innovation and a razor sharp focus on the needs of our communities.


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Thirty-two community broadcasting leaders and other stakeholders travelled from across the country and met at the Roadmap 2033 Leadership Forum on February 23 in Sydney.


The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) are excited to announce that Roadmap 2033 is ready. Roadmap 2033 provides a ten-year plan for the community broadcasting sector, outlining a shared vision of the future where community broadcasting is at the heart of every community. 


Last night’s Federal Budget has been disappointing for community broadcasters. The Budget for community broadcasters has been maintained – in line with the status quo – but it has failed to deliver the sustainable funding base required for community broadcasting to meet current demands and address the growing needs of our communities.