Radio Adelaide: 2012 WOMADelaide Festival

enadmin, 29th February 2012

Book in now for 3 stunning live to air programs direct from the 2012 WOMADelaide Festival.

Radio Adelaide co-ordinates a team of 7 community and Indigenous stations from around the country to bring you music live from the concert stages, exclusive interviews and as-it-happens online coverage.

The live radio programs are a long weekend special event for your station, across
Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoon or evening, March 10, 11 and 12.
Broadcast times:

  • WA:  4 – 6pm
  • NT:  5.30 – 7.30pm
  • QLD:  6 – 8pm
  • SA:  6.30 – 8.30pm, 
  • ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC:  7 – 9pm

Preview interviews, presenter profiles and promos are being added to Subscribe to the site to receive the latest news and interviews. You are welcome to download and broadcast on your station.

Let us know if you are broadcasting – either live or recording to play later -  and we’ll make sure we shout out to your listeners. Email [email protected] and we’ll also link to your station on the site.

And on the weekend, also check out as it happens interviews, live music performances,  and exclusive video and on the spot reports from team members, as we cover the festival hour by hour on

Sponsorship info
The broadcast contains 1 minute per hour of embedded sponsorship (Australian Ethical and one tbc)  If you wish to play additional local sponsorship, please fade down the broadcast and insert.

For DDN capture ensure you have Extras 1 ticked at the DDN site. Separate files will record as Womadelaide pt1, pt2, pt3 respectively. Contact CRN staff for any assistance.

Broadcast permissons
The WOMADelaide festival and its artists have given permission for one live broadcast of the programs and one repeat broadcast of Womadelaide 2012 LIVE! exclusively to Australian community broadcasters  Please respect the artists wishes and use the program as authorised.

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On Saturday 8 March, Radio Adelaide is presenting an exclusive broadcast from Womadelaide of Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi, available via the CRN.


This article is intended as a resource for community broadcasters and researchers. It draws on interviews and discussion with community broadcasters and activists to identify practical examples of funding methods. The seven common methods of funding a community station are detailed. These are: support from the station's own community; patronage from a larger organisation; commercial advertising and sponsorship; competitive grants; service contracts; support by NGOs; support by governmental agencies. The article points to resources where the reader can discover more fully how each funding method is used, and concludes that a prudent station may use several methods to help ensure economic sustainability.


The Community Radio Network is making a massive 16 hours of live Bluesfest coverage available to stations for local syndication this Easter, through CRN-2.