Promoting Community Radio Plus to your listeners online - 3CR case study

hfriedlander, 25th May 2022

Promoting all the ways your listeners can tune in to your station - both on air and online - is vital to ensuring they know where to find you. This includes via Community Radio Plus.

There are so many places you reach your listeners online - you've got your website, your socials, your email marketing - it's hard to keep across it all. But when it comes to promoting Community Radio Plus, we're here to make it easy for you!

3CR in Melbourne has done an excellent job in promoting Community Radio Plus via all of their online channels, ensuring their listeners can easily download the new app.

This includes updating social media banners, regularly posting on socials (including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), and promoting the app as a listening destination via their eNewsletter and website.

They've used the pink and purple app brand colours to create a gradient background image, and placed their 3CR screen on Community Radio Plus into the design.

It's been very effective, and the repeated marketing means their listeners are reminded regularly to download Community Radio Plus.

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*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.* 

With the Community Radio Plus app launch nearing, we want to showcase its features to our community broadcasters and provide you with the information you need to promote it to your listeners.


The team at CBAA is always working on ways to make it easier to listen to community radio, and we are proud to announce the following additions to the ways that listeners can access Community Radio Plus:

  • Amazon Alexa devices
  • Android Auto in compatible vehicles
  • Apple CarPlay in compatible vehicles
  • Sonos devices