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Danny Chifley, 27th December 2020
The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is a Registered Training Organisation, delivering accredited and pathways training to community broadcasters around Australia.

The CMTO's mission statement is 'Media Skills for All'. Opportunities are now available to join the network of CMTO Casual Staff.

All roles are offered on a casual basis and demand is driven by the training needs of the community radio stations in your geographic area.

Here is a step by step guide to applying for a casual role at the CMTO:

  1. Review the requirements of our Trainer and Support roles below. You will be required to provide evidence of meeting the requirements
  2. Prepare your CV with the details of two referees who can speak to your experience in the media, VET and or disability support sectors
  3. Complete the Casual Staff Expression of Interest (EOI) form 
  4. The submission of your EOI should be accompanied by an email to attaching a copy of your current CV and referees
  5. Sit back and wait to hear from us!

Read about the different casual employment opportunities below:


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This paper offers a descriptive account of the development, operation and management of the youth media program YouthWorx Media that engages disadvantaged young people in media creation. Through the combined perspectives of the project manager and researcher working on the project, we reflect on the actual, on-the-ground practices. A provision of intermediary pathways for reconnection with education and employment via media training for Melbourne ‘youth at risk’ is the key objective of the project, against which the project’s ‘real world’ social outcomes are being documented and measured. However, we recognise also the ‘messiness’ of the program’s delivery process, and its uneasy documentation through ethnographic research. The implementation of projects like YouthWorx involves a series of calculated strategic decisions informed by a set of shared values and underlying philosophies (e.g., a pedagogy of working with ‘youth at risk’ via media presented here), but also—and equally important—numerous ad hoc responses to ‘real’ situations at hand. This paper emphasises then an inherent process of translation of the project’s original conceptions or ideas, constantly tested and re-visited, into on-the-ground educational and media activities. It underscores a value of exploring connections between theory/philosophies and practice, social work and academic research, hoping to contribute to a wider discussion of the role of community media/arts initiatives in stimulating positive social change.


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Raising funds and creating revenue is essential to ensuring that your station remains sustainable. The 2016 series of CBAA Webinars begins with a look at a topic of perpetual interest to all community broadcasters, maximising the effectiveness of fundraising at your station.


The CMTO is endeavouring to make training opportunities available and relevant to everyone and want to hear from community radio volunteers. Interested parties are asked to participate in the survey available here.