Obscura Hail Get Goth To The Top!

Mitch Fuller, 4th November 2019

Music Moving the Metro Chart

Obscura Hail take on hefty themes of existentialism, love and loss with sincerity thanks to their knack for gentle guitar work and richly layered vocals. Frontman Sean Conran’s commitment to his craft has seen him deliver weekly compositions online, nearing his 160th volume. Their latest release, Goth is an intriguing piece of lo-fi indie brimming with nostalgia. The unique sound was created when Conran ‘blasted a looped beat through my Nintendo DS (running Korg M-01) and maxed out the gain on both my guitar pedal and ten track." Goth is sitting comfortably at the top of the Metro Chart this week, not far behind at number six, Lonelyspeck returns with Brine. The solo act from Adelaide has consistently pushed genre boundaries with twisted electronic production and big vocals. Brine is no exception with crunchy beats carrying layered vocals before an electric guitar dominates the outro.

Leading the Way on the Regional Chart

Fremantle four-piece, San Cisco return with their long awaited new single Skin, the first taste off their upcoming record due for release next year. It’s a gorgeous slice of pop flavoured indie-rock, heartbreaking yet reassuring thanks to some stripped back production and raw lyricism. Skin has debuted at number three on the Regional Chart this week, just ahead of Amrap regular, Fanny Lumsden at number five with Peed In The Pool. Lumsden is cheeky and playful on this one, taking her country sound to new pop tinted heights while staying true to her roots. Peed In The Pool is a confessional, a celebration and the perfect companion to upcoming road trips.

Beyond the Charts

Hey Baby! began eight years ago when 16-year-old Kacper Majchrowski first learnt how to record his musings on a computer, using a simple drum machine and running guitars and basses through a preamp. The now four piece have just dropped the second taste of their upcoming EP, Love and Drugs – a fast paced, surf-rock banger brimming with warmth, perfect for the summer festival circuit. Thanks to the gritty riffs, crashing drums and infectious melodies, Love and Drugs is mosh pit ready. It may not be on the charts yet but we’re expecting to hear a lot more from Hey Baby!


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