No Land, No Livelihood, No Home

hmurray, 1st May 2019

A 10-part series of strong voices from Pacific islands and the Torres Strait fighting for climate justice and survival.

Presented by Maureen Mopio (4EB), No Land, No Livelihood, No Home learns from women and experts about the continuing effects of climate change in the Pacific Islands and Torres Strait. Over 10-parts, hear first hand from communities displaced by climate change, seeking climate justice and fighting for their survival.


Episode 1

Displaced Carteret Islanders

CRN airdate: Wed 22 May 2019

Carteret Islanders are sailing to higher grounds on Tinputz mainland Bougainville, PNG, as the challenges of climate change displaces communities.

To start up new families, relocated women leaders now own blocks of land on the mainland, Tinputz.

Episode 2

Resilient Communities 

CRN airdate: Wed 22 May 2019

Micro-finance, new farming methods and encouraging students to attend schools affected by floods in Oro Province, PNG.

How to maintain culture and stymy its loss? Hear from families being affected by change on Carteret Islands and Bougainville, PNG.

Episode 3

Loss of Gardens, Loss of Beaches

CRN airdate: Wed 29 May 2019

In Tonga and Kiribati, three Pacific women leaders talk on the need to maintain culture, food crops for their youth, the future generation. 

A call to “save Kiribati and humanity”, by Maria Tiamon-Chifang of the Pacific Callling Partnership (PCP).

Episode 4

Climate Justice: A Right We Want Now

CRN airdate: Wed 29 May 2019

Humanising climate change, the 350 Pacific Climate Warrior uses art, song and poem to spread a message: “We are not drowning; We are fighting.”

Episode 5

Listen to the Communities on the Land

CRN airdate: Wed 5 Jun 2019

A call to listen to grassroots communities on their needs and livelihood.

Episode 6

Women Monitoring Weather Patterns

CRN airdate: Wed 5 Jun 2019

The Fiji based FEMLlNK Pacific monitoring weather sends warnings through phone texts in simple language.

The warnings are sent to diverse women: young, old, families living with disability, and pregnant women.

It's about disaster preparedness including relocation to evacuation centres.

Episode 7

Gender Balance in Climate Change

CRN airdate: Wed 12 Jun 2019

What about gender and climate change?

There is a call for women to be consulted on all levels regarding climate change - distaster prepardedness, when disaster occurs and the need for diverse women to be at roundtables.

Episode 8

The Impact of Climate Change in the Torres Strait Islands

CRN airdate: Wed 12 Jun 2019

The people of Torres Strait have seen changes in the ecology, their livelihood and culture from the intense weather.

While authorities and communities carry out marine monitoring in the name of climate change science, meet communities putting in place resilient and adaptative programs, importantly considering women’s needs.

Episode 9

Financial Implications and What Is Climate Change

CRN airdate: Wed 19 Jun 2019

There’s too much carbon in the atmosphere. But communities are living with dignity.

From the CSIRO we project the slow changes in weather patterns and the world climate with gradual increase in temperatures. 

Episode 10

Future Trends of the Pacific

CRN airdate: Wed 19 Jun 2019

Melbourne-based CSIRO representatives explain the complex science of climate change, and what climate variability means.

Look at weather projections for PNG, Fiji, and Kiribati specifically.

Image: PNG Flooding at Kiki Munga Mekeo

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