Nick Griffith is This Week's Darling at Number One!

Mitch Fuller, 30th March 2020

Music Moving the Metro Chart

Nick Griffith is known as the guitarist/singer for Sydney bands Big White, High-tails and Bored Shorts but is quickly making a name for his own music with the release of his debut solo album, 7am and its lead single, Darling. The track has topped the Metro chart this week thanks to some upbeat production, dominated by synths crunchy riffs and Nick’s unmistakable falsetto. At times nostalgic, Darling feels like something Gary Newman might put out in alternate universe. Not far behind at number four, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks return with their latest slice of psychedelic whimsy, Shiny Car. Slinky, sparkling and poppy as it gets, the track is an addictive blend of contemporary production and retro melodies made lush by Zoë’s smooth as butter vocals.

Leading the Way on the Regional Chart

Brisbane five-piece, Ball Park Music have delivered the first taste of their comeback album, Mostly Sunny, titled Spark Up! Taking the top spot on the Regional chart this week, the track rings with classic rock energy but then morphs into something twisted and wild. In front man Sam Cromack’s own words, “I saw a show one night in Brisbane with my friend. Really wild gig, the crowd were turning into animals (in a nice way). I left feeling energised and began to sing the chorus to myself as I walked through the night air.” Elsewhere on the chart, Fremantle artist Jay Watson AKA GUM is back in the fold with Out Of This World at number seven. Performed, produced and mixed by Watson, the darkly toned pop song glimmers with rich textures and haunting lyrics reminiscent of Echo and The Bunnymen - not to mention a show stealing sax cameo by Christian Ruggiero.

Beyond the Charts

Sydney’s own, Susan Muranty breaks through the mould with her latest epic pop tune, Stephen Hawking Wants You To. The track blends traditional pop production with operatic tones and orchestral strings. It’s slightly tongue in cheek, melodramatic and truly as big as Mr Hawking’s ponderings on the universe. Muranty’s passionate vocals take the lead, haunting the chorus in a unique take on a kiss from the perspective of the speed of light. She notes, "I want to reach right into people's hearts and make them feel better just for a moment ... and I want to get them thinking too. That's what I love so much about music ... you can really talk to people while you sing. And if you're lucky enough to reach them over radio it's like having a big conversation with friends you haven't met yet." Join Susan Muranty as she makes her way across the universe (there’s a dance remix of the track available, too) and keep an eye out for her on the charts in the months ahead!

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Music Moving the Metro Chart


Music Moving the Metro Chart - Cool Sounds Give Us More to Enjoy!


Leading the way on the Regional Chart is Brisbane songstress Sahara Beck with another shot of art-pop on Queen of Hearts.