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New - Gloomy Sunday

enadmin, 12th July 2012

Well, it is and it isn't. It airs on CRN on Saturday mornings from 10:04 - 11:00 EST and it's neither Gloomy nor on Sunday.

Taking its name from the classic melancholic song of the 1930s, "Gloomy Sunday", presenters Michael Gill and Chris Payne were there, wearing the headphones, on the very first day of 2BRW’s (Radio Braidwood) broadcasting life, talking nonsense and torturing the good citizens of Braidwood as well as the bad ones. It's not a show for the faint-hearted. It's never "Easy Listening".

Each Gloomy Sunday revolves around a different (awful) theme - a mix of chat, comedy and very varied musical styles, from the early 1900s right through to yesterday – pre-war Jazz, Blues, Cajun, Klezmer, Zydeco, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, Gospel and Swing. It's occasionally tasteless but always light-hearted. Gloomy Sunday often begins with the Traditional Apology – "We're sorry...for everything...but not very." We strive never to tell the truth, knowingly.

Once a month our very special guest "The Surgeon General" presents her famous "Disease du Jour", a ghastly trip through the human body and its many tubes. See you on Saturday morning, if you have the stomach.

Gloomy Sunday is starting August 4, playing Saturdays from 10:04 to 11:00 EST, and is available for DDN satellite/online capture. For more information about the Community Radio Network contact CBAA staff on 02 9310 2999 or email.

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