Live 2022 Federal Election night coverage via the Community Radio Network

Amy Leiper, 17th May 2022

Tune in to the Community Radio Network for live coverage of the 2022 Federal Election.

Join Julie Macken (Five Minute Advocate) and Frank Bonaccorso (National Radio News’ News Director) as they lead our live election night coverage and analysis from 7pm to 11pm AEST.

Correspondents from stations across the country, including 8CCC2GLFRTRFM4ZZZFBi and 2SER will add to the coverage. We'll cross live to Amanda Copp and Emily Minnie who will be with election leaders at their gatherings. Partnering with university student publication, Junction Journalism, we will talk with a collection of experts and commentators to discuss policies and how they will affect different areas around the country.

Abe Killian, CBAA’s Content Services Manager, said, "As an avowed Election Nerd, it’s been great to be able to speak to members from stations about issues in their area and provide them with this national platform. Listeners will get a great view of the issues that affect communities, while at the same time get information from our experts, including Amanda Copp, our Canberra Political Journalist who will be on the ground with the Prime Minister."

Community Radio Network’s broadcast partners include National Radio News and Junction Journalism.

Election coverage will be sent across CRN-1 via satellite from 7pm to 11pm AEST.

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As the federal election is hours away, we wanted to introduce you to Emily Minney, a former NRN Cadet and one of our political correspondents covering CRN's Live 2022 Federal Election for community radio. 

CBAA’s Political Reporter Amanda Copp will be filing stories not only from National Radio News' Press Gallery studios in Parliament House, but she will be on the road with the major parties where she'll be busy working on the lead-up to the Federal Election


With the 2022 Federal Budget just around the corner, National Radio News (NRN), is gearing up to provide community radio stations with full coverage. NRN journalist, Laura Devoy, will be joining Amanda Copp, NRN’s Political Reporter in Canberra on 29 March 2022 to help with this mammoth task. NRN’s News Director, Frank Bonaccorso, will be on hand to divvy budget related story assignments out to other journalists. The day will be long and busy. We thought you might like to know how it works.