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The Greens NSW support $35M in music funding in new policy announcement.

CBAA Communications, 21st February 2019
The Greens join NSW Labor in announcing policy support for the NSW music industry, including State funding for the community radio sector.

Announced ahead of the upcoming state election on 23 March, the policies support increased NSW government funding of:

  • Community radio
  • Music festivals
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
  • Accessible and affordable music education, including in the regions
  • Arts workers and musicians
  • Small and medium arts organisations at the local and regional levels

The CBAA will continue its sector leadership efforts to ensure community radio stations in NSW and all across Australia are supported to continue delivering their services to their communities. The CBAA is in touch with Minister Harwin about the Coalition's commitment to community radio and hope to meet with him to discuss further.

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Perhaps you'd like to update your community by announcing this on air - great! Keep abreast of further announcements relating to music and community radio policy positions from parties contesting the election, such as the Keep Sydney Open Party and the NSW Liberal Party, which you can also update your listeners on. We'll keep you in the loop about further updates, or read more about each party’s commitments via Music NSW.
Looking to interview your local member or those contesting the election about their music policy? Check out our Political Engagement Toolkit for more resources, including about your station’s obligations around political matter, advertisements and election time

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NSW Labor has publicly recognised the important role community radio plays in supporting and developing diverse music communities right across the state.


Updates on submission to the Federal Budget process, political responses to the Music and Arts Economy in NSW report and support for community radio, and CBAA submission to the ACCC - and more.


On Monday, 19 August 2013, the Greens announced that they will commit an additional $27 million per annum to community broadcasting. This announcement has paved the way for other political parties to reveal their plans for growth for this vital sector.