Get To Know Us: Tiffany Allpress

CBAA Communications, 16th June 2021

Project Administrator - Tiffany Allpress

If you’ve ever called the CBAA, you’ve likely spoken to the lovely Tiffany Allpress. Tiffany recently celebrated two years at the CBAA, making all of our lives easier through her organisational skills and our days much brighter with her cheery demeanour.

As Project Administrator for the CBAA, you’re on the frontline of enquiries from stations, the sector and the wider public. What has this taught you about our wonderful sector?

I must admit, I did not know much about community radio stations two years ago but I have learnt about how different each station is and the different needs and challenges each have. I am also pleasantly surprised how many volunteers the sector has and I hope this continues to grow!

Can you describe a day in the life of Tiffany at the CBAA?

On a daily basis I ensure a smooth running of the office (and remote workers) from an operations perspective. Also I work on a number or different projects that assist the CBAA with efficiencies.

You are offered a radio show - you can have any timeslot, play whatever music you like, discuss whatever you feel is of interest - what's happening today on the Tiffany Allpress Variety Hour Radio Show?

I would have the incredible Danny Chifley co-hosting with me and we would play a range of music from EDM to old school bangers along with some banter in between. 

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The CBAA's Digital Radio Project (DRP) is a sector-wide community broadcasting initiative funded by the Commonwealth Government and managed by the CBAA. The CBAA's DRP coordinates and supports the establishment and delivery of community DAB+ digital radio services nationally, with over 55 full-time broadcast services currently operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart, and other regional areas in planning stages. Emma Ramsay is a key figure in maintaining station and program data for digital services and providing training support to stations.


Begining in October 2020, to assist with marketing and communications for the 2020 CBAA Conference, and since staying on as a permanet member of the CBAA Advocacy and Communications team, Alex has become a key figure in all things communications at CBAA. Working under the Head of Advocay and Communications, Alex's role as Advocacy and Communications officer covers all things day-to-day marketing as well as tackling anything else that may come her way.  


As one of the newest members of the CBAA team, Claire brings with her an extensive knowledge in onboarding and implementation, software training and content editing. Her positive attitude and willingness to take on any task that comes her way has allowed Claire to seamlessly transition into the CBAA team.