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Sharmaine Spencer, 9th June 2022

The Cyberbeat team believes it is crucial to equip Australians with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves against cyber and digital threats.

The internet has impacted the lives of every Australian, but although solutions have been offered by both the government and the private sector to try to steer people towards a safer online environment, the legislation and policy loopholes are confusing and create a chaotic digital landscape that is tough to understand and unbearable to navigate. 

There are many risks in today’s digital space - protecting yourself can be difficult without both having Digital Rights and knowing your Digital Rights. This is an important discussion for all Australians and is the focus of CyberBeat.

The Cyberbeat team believes it is crucial to equip Australians with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves against cyber and digital threats. Each episode will also educate listeners on what’s happening with the internet in Australia. 

CyberBeat is a weekly 15 minute audio podcast and supporting website created by Rita Mac and Malcolm Crompton.

Malcolm is a former Privacy Commissioner who brings a unique insight into the inner workings of government, while Rita is a broadcaster and cybersecurity consultant who became frustrated with the quality of media coverage on offer to the community. 

Also on board is news editor and occasional features producer Dione Green, who has a background in journalism, activism and producing content for community radio. With Rita as mentor, Dione is receiving a crash course in the world of cybersecurity.

Each CyberBeat podcast distils the latest news and offers valuable advice on what every one of us needs to do to stay cyber-safe. 

Malcolm and Rita have connected with a highly qualified group of professionals including lawyers, academics and digital rights activists. These feature interviews are all instantly available on the show's accompanying website. 

The podcasts air on the Community Radio Network at 10 am on Thursdays and on Bay FM 99.9 at 10 am on Wednesdays.

​CyberBeat is working with the Internet Governance Forums annual NetThing event. This is what is happening in the Australian Internet community. 

NetThing, is Australia’s Internet Governance Forum, it is an annual two-day event which brings a diverse multidisciplinary community together for the discussion of issues pertaining to the internet and internet governance in Australia. It is an open, inclusive platform for the exploration of Australian technology policy issues, aiming to mobilise the community to collaborate on solutions in a safe and moderated environment.  

This year’s Forum will focus on an overarching theme of More resilient together. The program will be developed around the following themes:

  • Trust and Security 
  • Internet for a resilient world 
  • Inclusion and Accessibility 
  • Economic Growth and Development 

Cyberbeat founder and producer Rita, has been involved with curating and facilitating content for NetThing over the last few years. This year for the 2022 event, she is working with the committee to capture some of the content as soundbites for raido. 

Rita explains that "It is a challenge to make the domain of Cybersecurity and its parent Internet Governance accessible, so it is a great opportunity to have such diversity, great speakers and experts to participate in explaining the many issues and solutions in this complex arena."

The Community Radio Network looks forward to bringing you this content through the CyberBeat program when the NetThing is underway later in 2022. It takes place across Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October 2022

For more about CyberBeat and the NetThing


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Network technologies are very desirable for social action, allowing activists to achieve more with less, more quickly and with broader impact; on the other hand, the very advantages they bring are equally important to the world of contemporary capitalism that social action seeks to change. Thus, we must look beyond network technologies as the easy solution to every problem, and focus instead on the human relationships which might be enabled by them. This focus on relationships requires us to ‘de-tool’ information technology. Instead, for social action, it is more valuable to think of networked computing as part of the environment within which action can occur; an important purpose for such action; and as a medium that nurtures expression and engagement of self and belief.


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