From The Embers 2: Phoenix - When Lightning Strikes Twice - Ep 1

Amy Leiper, 6th June 2022

Lightning storms and fire are considered a part of life on Kangaroo Island. But the firestorms that blasted across the landscape in January 2020 were unlike anything ever seen before, and forbode of a changing climate. Two years on following COVID lockdowns and with tourist numbers climbing back up, birds and mammals are only just starting to return to fire-ravaged habitats, and a question looms over the community - what will come when the fire siren rings again?

A content warning and a heads up for bush fire affected listeners - this feature contains stories from the 2019/2020 Fires.  


From the Embers, Season 2 Episode 1 Guests:

  • Jayne Bates
  • Brenton Davis
  • Sabrina Davis
  • Margi Prideaux
  • Sarah Strong-Law
  • Alice Teasdale

From the Embers, Season 2 Episode 1 Credits:

  • Producer Lisa Burns
  • Executive producer and sound design Sarah Mashman
  • Engineer Tegan Nichols
  • Theme composer Oliver Beard
  • Management: Abe Killian and Sime Knezevic

'When Lightning Strikes Twice' was made on unceded lands of significance to the Ngarrindjeri-Ramindjeri, Kaurna and Narungga peoples and the land of the muwinina people from Country around nipaluna. It was created in Tribute to Sarah Strong-Law.

From the Embers Season 2: Phoenix is supported by The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, The Paul Ramsay Foundation, Monash University’s Fire to Flourish program and The Minderoo Foundation Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative and broadcast across Australia via the Community Radio Network, and available to listen on Community Radio Plus.

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