Ears Have Ears Live on the Community Radio Network

amclellan, 25th August 2016

Throughout its history, Australian community radio has nurtured new and experimental sounds, giving listeners access to the rich, underground musical landscape always present. 

In this vein, FBi Radio’s multi-award winning experimental music program Ears Have Ears have created a special 4-part live music and Q&A series, beginning weekly distribution on the Community Radio Network 31 August. Ears Have Ears Live features one off performances and discussions with key figures and rising talents in Australia’s experimental music and arts community.

Hear new compositions performed live onstage at FBi’s broadcast hub in Sydney from electronic musician and RnB vocalist Marcus Whale (Collarbones, BV), ambient and new age music duo Half High (Lucy Cliche, Matthew Philip Hopkins), pioneering electronic group Severed Heads and classically tinged music ensemble Alaska Orchestra. You’ll also hear insightful discussion about Australian music and arts facilitated by Pia Van Gelder (Dorkbot, COFA, UNSW), Nic Warnock (RIP Society, Repressed Records), Kate Hennessy (The Guardian, The Quietus, Mess + Noise) and Rainbow Chan (EMC, Sydney University).

Have unique performances from Australia's experimental music and arts community followed by live Q&As in front of a studio audience community available at your station. 


Episode 1 - Marcus Whale & Pia Van Gelder [31 August]

A soundtrack by Sydney electronica, pop musician Marcus Whale (Collarbones, BV) and a Q&A facilitated by local curator, teacher and artist Pia Van Gelder.




Episode 2 - Half High & Nic Warnock [7 September]

Sydney via Melbourne extraterrestrial drone duo Half High (Lucy Phelan, Matthew P Hopkins) and a Q&A facilitated by R.I.P. Society label head and independent music stalwart Nic Warnock. 


Episode 3 - Severed Heads & Kate Hennessy [14 September]

The legendary Sydney electronic group Severed Heads (Tom Ellard and Stewart Lawler) and a Q&A facilitated by music journalist Kate Hennessy.



Episode 4 - Alaska Orchestra & Rainbow Chan [21 September]

Sydney’s Western-art-music expanding Alaska Orchestra (Megan Alice Clune, Hugh Deacon, Adam Guzowski) and a Q&A facilitated by musician and teacher Rainbow Chan.


Check out photos taken on the nights here.


For CRN subscribers:

  • Episodes will distribute once per week in the CRN Extras 1 slot. To ensure local DDN capture select "Extras" from the DDN ordering site.
  • Download and alternative delivery options can be arranged for stations without DDN access. Contact [email protected]
  • 30 and 60 second promos are available here to promote the series to listeners.
  • Duration ranges from 36'00 to 46'00 minutes per episode.
  • Download links are available for stations/producers without DDN access. Contact [email protected].

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