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CBAA News, 30th October 2014

Celebrating fatherhood and masculinity, and aiming to promote a positive view of fathers, men and boys, Dads On The Air is a fascinating insight into mainstream society’s shifting attitudes towards fathers and fatherhood.


The program features informative and entertaining conversations with a wide range of experts and interesting people. Guests on the program have included leading politicians, authors, academics, and lobbyists from Australia and around the world.

Dads on the Air also gives a voice to less represented groups in our community such as incarcerated Dads, Indigenous Dads and Gay Dads. The program originated at Liverpool's 2GCR and has recently made a shift to Sydney's Fine Music 102.5.  Program website.

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4/12: Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son
Parents are all too familiar with the difficulties of relating to their sons in a language that they understand while they grow from boys to men. Our guest today is Dr Tim Hawkes who as Headmaster of The King’s School Parramatta is responsible for 1500 boys. Dr Hawkes has held this position since 1998 adding to a wealth of experience gained in England and Australia on how boys can best reach their potential as men.
Dr Tim Hawkes is informative, entertaining and a lot more. An interview not to be missed.

11/12: SuperDad SpeedBible
Ever thought about how when you leave the hospital with your new baby you do not receive an instruction manual? Our guest this week Ryan Heffernan has addressed this issue. In his entertaining and informative book Ryan provides a welcome toolbox for any Dad left with the responsibility of caring for a young child in the age range of 0-6. In fact any parent will welcome this no-nonsense resource for handling the challenges of parenting where you get the benefit of learning from a single Dad’s experience.

18/12: The other glass ceiling: fathers stepping up, mothers letting go
In the news lately there have been frequent references to pay differentials between males and females. This is often put down to the different opportunities available in the workplace because of gender roles that are a hangover from a less-enlightened past. But what about the denial of opportunities to look after the children and get involved in other areas around the home? In brief, Mums have too many roles, Dads have too few.

Dads on the Air (27'50) will be syndicated to stations through the Community Radio Network service from December 2014, and be available for DDN capture. Playing Thursdays 09:04 EDT.

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This Father's Day (Sun 1 Sep) tune into PBS 106.7FM for a special broadcast from Port Phillip Prison with Mick Thomas; The Roving Commission.


A series that looks at the different and varied layers of the same sex marriage survey


This article provides a critical examination of community media practices by young recently arrived African refugees and Cambodian young migrants in Western Sydney, Australia. Against the backdrop of contemporary cultural politics of migration in Australia the article is grounded on a recent participatory community media research project conducted in 2008-2009, which aimed to conceptualise the emerging spaces for claiming new forms of citizen agency and contest the general representations of newly arrived migrants in the mainstream media. The paper argues that community media is better positioned to recognise changing attitudes towards migrants and refugees, and that these changes must also take place from the bottom up. Extending existing notions of citizens’ media the paper articulates a view that young media practitioners become active citizens in the exercise of their civil and communication rights and their self-representation, by owning the process of content creation and communication, thus redefining the content (rather than the form) of what citizenship means in different social contexts.