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CRN Segments Round 5: Uncovered (OCR FM)

Lachlan Wyllie, 4th July 2017
A closer look at the songs you thought were originals
  • Producer: Jonathan Graham
  • Station: OCR FM (3OCR), Colac VIC
  • Duration: 5-6:00 minutes per segment
  • Tags: pop music, music history, trivia, did you know, entertainment
  • Suitable for: music programming, entertainment programming, standalone broadcast, between programs
  • Download PDF icon Uncovered Cue Sheets

An informative series that delves beneath the surface of ten hit songs we’ve come to love from certain artists – but who weren’t the original composers or performers. Uncovered takes you back to the beginning of some classic tunes, to discover the story behind these hits we all know and love.

Each segment is a short, entertaining piece that will find its place within station magazine programming, or as filler between shows.

These and many more Segments are available for broadcast on your local station now. 
Download all episodes here

Please note: due to Soundcloud Copyright Restrictions, the embedded audio has been edited to include partial samples of tracks. The full segments with unedited audio is available in the above download link.

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CRN Segments Round 5
CRN Segments Series

100 new short pieces to drop into your show or between station programs.



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