Copyright: an Artist's Perspective

enadmin, 21st November 2011

Copyright is a big concern in community radio, to ensure that rightful content owners are receiving the credit and royalties they are entitled for their work.

The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) helps to ensure radio stations are paying the correct amount of royalties for content played on their station and distribute it to the artists accordingly.

APRA ambassador Mick Thomas has been a major part of the Australian music scene for thirty years; relasing countless albums with various bands and solo projects including Weddings Parties Anything and Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing.

Mick has had ample experience in copyright practises from a recording artist's perspective.

Following his appearance at the 2011 CBAA Conference Mick caught up with CBloggers Kris and Jessica to talk about being an ambassador for APRA and what it’s like to both record and pay, and receive royalties from a recording artist's perspective.

Mick leans heavily on the side of artists being vigilant of what air-play their material is receiving, both on radio and public broadcasts.

He says artists should ensure they are receiving adequate royalties and note rely soley on APRA to ensure they are getting the royalties they deserve, as it is impossible to keep track of everything that goes to air.

The CBloggers also spoke to Chris Johnson from AMRAP who has developed a plug-in for social networking sites that artists can use to host their music.

Listen to the interview with Chris Johnson here


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The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) and Commercial Radio Australia have reached a new agreement in regards to licensing royalties for audio content streamed online. This comes following the agreement that the CBAA reached with PPCA with regards to the community radio sector in 2015.


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