This Is Community Radio - Episode 5

This Is Community Radio: Episode 5

Helen Henry, 14th May 2015

National Volunteer Week 2015 logoAs part of National Volunteer Week (11 - 17 May 2015), the latest episode of This Is Community Radio celebrates the contribution that thousands of volunteers all over Australia make to community radio.

"Community radio as a whole wouldn't exist without volunteers..."

"They're the most vital thing to the organisation... they define what it is..."

"It shows the value of what committed, genuinely interested people can achieve..."

This Is Community Radio showcases and celebrates community radio and the contribution it makes to Australia's open society, strong democracy, and vibrant culture. Watch the whole series.

Read the latest news from community radio, find your local station or get involved.


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Watch and share how you think community radio contributes to a strong democracy.


"How did you get involved in community radio?" Everyone's got a community radio story... what's yours?


Welcome to the first episode in our new series This is Community Radio, a chronicle of stories that showcases and celebrates community radio.