Common Ground radio series (2SER/Guardian Australia)

mwalters, 16th November 2017

Now available for airplay around Australia through the Community Radio Network is the new 4-part series Common Ground, produced by 2SER and Guardian Australia.
Suitable for a diverse radio audience, the series brings together four very different Australians to find out what they think of the political system, and which issues are most important.

Media fragmentation has caused divisions, with many in their own “bubble” when it comes to their beliefs. Join journalist Lenore Taylor and social researcher Rebecca Huntley as they seek real conversations with:

  • Sharon – 51, Newcastle, NSW – office administrator and conservative voter who has just joined Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party.
  • Steven – mid-30s, Brisbane - Greens voter.
  • Katrina – 68, Northern Tablelands, NSW – farmer, politically conservative.
  • Josh – 18, Latrobe Valley, VIC – student who hasn’t voted yet but leans left.

Give your listeners the chance to engage with this intriguing listen - schedule Common Ground today.

“Common Ground is an attempt to get out of the newsroom and our studios, to bypass all the commentators and experts and start at the source: everyday Australians. We spent months looking for the right mix of people, voters with different backgrounds who each identified with a political party but may not always agree with their policies or even vote for them in every election. Together we've spent weeks discussing their hopes and fears for the future. What were the biggest problems in their communities? Were politicians offering solutions? Why did they support or disagree with ideas to tackle climate change, asylum seekers, inequality and many other issues. You might not always agree with what you hear but we believe it's important that you listen. Common Ground gives us an insight into the varying views in electorates around Australia and examines how people's lives shape these points of view.”

For CRN subscribers:

  • Common Ground (4 x 27'50 mins) is playing live and capturing to the DDN at these times:
    • Part one: Extras 1 on Wednesday 22 November at 13:04 AEDT
    • Part two: Extras 2 on Wednesday 22 November at 14:04 AEDT
    • Part three: Extras 1 on Wednesday 29 November at 13:04 AEDT
    • Part four: Extras 2 on Wednesday 29 November at 13:32 AEDT
  • All files available for DDN capture, with download links available on request
  • For more information contact CRN staff on 02 9310 2999 or email [email protected]

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