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The Centre for Volunteering to provide essential support for community broadcasters

Joshua Cole, 7th June 2023

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is partnering with The Centre for Volunteering (CFV) to promote the benefits of volunteering in the community broadcasting sector.

This new partnership will increase awareness of volunteering opportunities in the community broadcasting sector and provide services and education to support community broadcasters to manage their volunteers.

The community broadcasting sector is driven by the energy and enthusiasm of over 18,500 volunteers. By providing community broadcasters with access to these resources, they will be able to manage their volunteers more effectively and more easily handle disputes.

The support offered by CFV will include access to a Volunteer Manager Helpdesk which will provide free 30-minute consultations with volunteer experts as well as webinars, eLearning material and a range of other resources for use by both the CBAA and community broadcasters in working with volunteers.

CEO Jon Bisset said that the CBAA was grateful for the opportunity to work with CFV, “Volunteers are vital to community broadcasting, filling a range of roles including on-air presenting, music curation and technical support. Without them community broadcasting would not enjoy its position as a source of news, music and culture for audiences that lack a voice in the mainstream.

The Centre for Volunteering’s support will be key in ensuring that broadcasters can make the most of their relationships with their volunteers, and that community broadcasting will remain a rich, diverse and resilient sector.”

In return for CFV's support, the CBAA will promote its annual NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards and search platform which lists volunteer opportunities available throughout New South Wales, which are part of CFV's broader effort to represent and support volunteers throughout the state.

Gemma Rygate, CEO of CFV said, “The Centre for Volunteering is thrilled to work with an organisation such as the CBAA, which represents a sector defined by the contributions of its volunteers. We look forward to working with them to ensure better outcomes for community broadcasters and their volunteers alike."

Contact: Joshua Cole, CBAA’s Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator on 0407 706 270 or email [email protected]

About The Centre for Volunteering

The Centre for Volunteering (The Centre) is a not-for-profit organisation with over 45 years’ experience providing leadership on volunteering in NSW. This involves playing a key role in advocacy, support services and sector development.

Within its programming, The Centre offers a range of resources, training, workshops and events which benefit both individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. This includes best practice support services Volunteer Manager Help Desk and Knowledge Base, and NSW School of Volunteer Management [RTO code 90031], a registered training organisation providing professional development and nationally accredited volunteering qualifications.

The Centre also provides membership services to a range of primarily not-for-profit organisations of varying scale, spanning all sectors. In addition, The Centre works with government organisations on corporate social responsibility and employee volunteering programs.

The Centre for Volunteering resources, services, and programs mentioned:

  • Volunteer Manager Helpdesk:
    Seek out free, reliable advice from sector experts. 
  • Knowledge Base
    Discover this comprehensive digital library of topical articles, how-to guides, recorded conferences, downloadable templates, and more. 
  • NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards:
    Having recognised 128,000 people from over 500 organisations last year, this is one of the largest volunteer recognition programs in Australia. 
  • Find a Volunteer Role Search Platform:
    Find the right role and organisation, tailored to your preferences, availability, and interests.

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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and Volunteering Australia have partnered to promote the integral role of volunteering in community broadcasting.


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