Engaging Young People Workshop.

#CBAAConf: Using Communication & Partnerships to Engage Young People

hfriedlander, 24th January 2018

At the 2017 CBAA Conference, Molly George and Campbell McNolty from SYN, Dylan Storer from SYN and Wangki Radio and James Preston from Alive 90.5, held a workshop exploring how community radio stations can use partnerships and communication to engage young people.

Here is a short round up of the session.

Tips for engaging young people:
  • Have trust in young people.
  • Provide them with opportunities to test themselves, find and develop their skills.
  • Get the first group of young people in through the door - they will bring their friends.
  • Get young people in leadership positions - this will help inspire other young people to what's possible.
  • Introduce leadership programs - for example, SYN offers a 'Board internship'. This has resulted in a larger number of people standing for their Board.
  • Year-long work experience programs are also effective.
  • Start a Facebook group for your volunteers to chat and share ideas, information and support.
  • Reach out to schools and universities for partnership programs.
  • Recognise that different communities have different experiences; for example, shame can be experienced in Indigenous communities. Ensure young Indigenous broadcasters have a role model at your station.
  • Offer flexibility.
  • Be proactive and network.

Remember that young people "won't stay forever" - but that's ok! They will be your best advocate to encourage new people to come through the door.

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Congratulations to the 10 community broadcasters receiving support to join us at the 2017 CBAA Conference.


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