Fundraising as a Positive Message

WEBINAR: Fundraising as a Positive Message - 14 September 2021

Danny Chifley, 30th August 2021
How to make fundraising rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. 

The nature of our sector means that broadcasters need to regularly call on the financial support of the community. This can create a less than ideal situation for all concerned, but it doesn't need to be that way.

Our webinar will look at ways and means to make fundraising via the support of your community a positive, fun and rewarding experience - putting the fun into fundraising!

In our session, we will look at:

  • Clarifying your message
  • Building enthusiasm at a station level
  • Executing a positive fundraiser

Justin KendallPresented by: Justin Kendall - Community Relations Manager at Hope Media Limited

Winners of the Best Station Fundraising Campaign at the 2020 CBAA Community Radio Awards, Hope Media are constantly working on increasing community engagement and fostering a positive relationship with their listeners.

A recording of our webinar is available below and you can download the presentation: PDF icon CBAA Webinar - Fundraising as a Positive Message - Presentation.pdf


This webinar was held at 11:00AM Tuesday 14 September 2021

This webinar is supported by the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO)

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