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The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Life in the 21st Century

Sharmaine Spencer, 18th July 2019

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The Baby Boomers' Guide to Life in the 21st Century is a multi-media healthy ageing project produced and broadcast from the studios of Radio Skid Row (RSR) in Marrickville now available through the CBAA's Community Radio Network (CRN).

The Guide looks at healthy ageing, especially for Australians aged 55 and over. Each episode looks at a theme related to ageing in Australia through ‘The Expert Speaks’ segments, followed by 'The Punter's Panel' where two local older people share their thoughts.

The program was made possible through support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) and produced by Jeff Furolo, presenter and healthy ageing specialist, Raul Hernandex and Lex Marinos. 


Episode 1

Ageism & Discrimination

CRN airdate: Mon 08 July 2019

In this episode we speak about Ageism, and Discrimination with Australia’s first Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan. 

Episode 2

Social Connections & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 15 July 2019

In this episode we speak about Social Connections and Ageing with Professor Catherine Haslam of the University of Queensland. 

Episode 3

Sex, Relationships & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 22 July 2019

Sex, Relationships & Ageing with commentator and author, Bettina Arndt. 

Episode 4

Religion, Spirituality & ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 29 July 2019

In this episode we speak about Religion, Spirituality & Ageing with Professor Carole Cusack from University of Sydney. 

Episode 5

Diversity & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 5 Aug 2019

In this episode we speak about Diversity & Ageing with Russ Gluyas from ACON NSW, and Terrie Leoleos from the Ethnic Communities Council NSW. 

Episode 6

Elder Abuse

CRN airdate: Mon 12 Aug 2019

In this episode we speak about Elder Abuse with Diana Bernard of the Seniors Rights Service. 

Episode 7

Depression, Anxiety & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 19 Aug 2019

In this episode we speak about Depression, Anxiety & Ageing with Sydney Psychiatrist Professor John Snowdon. 

Episode 8

Finances & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 26 Aug 2019

In this episode we speak about Finances & Ageing with Mehrdad Khoshab , Financial Information Officer with the Department of Human Services. 

Episode 9

Grief, Bereavement & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 2 Sep 2019

In this episode we speak about Grief, Bereavement & Ageing with the Chief Executive of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. 

Episode 10

Aboriginality & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 9 Sep 2019

In this episode we speak about Aboriginality & Ageing with Betty O’Neill, from The Junction Community Centre in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

Episode 11

Technology & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 16 Sep 2019

In this episode we speak about Technology & Ageing with Claire Mason from CSIRO Data 61. 

Episode 12

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

CRN airdate: Mon 23 Sep 2019

In this episode we speak about the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety with the Craig Gear, Chief Executive of the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN). 

Episode 13

Accommodation & Ageing

CRN airdate: Mon 30 Sep 2019

In this episode we speak about Accommodation & Ageing with Keryn Curtis from Every Age Counts. 


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