Ausecuma Beats Debut With Aida!

Mitch Fuller, 18th November 2019

Music Moving the Metro Chart

Ausecuma Beats demonstrate what can happen when a group of artists come together based on an idea - in this case, the idea of place, of transplanting cultural heritage into a contemporary city. The Melbourne based nine-piece honour their diverse heritage through sharing culturally rich rhythms with a contemporary edge. Their latest offering, Aida, debuted at second place on the Metro Chart this week thanks to the band's knack for uplifting melodies sailing over infectious percussion. Not far behind at number four, Anna Cordell makes her long awaited return with Nobody Knows Us. Following an almost decade-long hiatus, the Victorian songwriter tackles existential angst while taking cues from folk artists of the 60s and 70s with her stripped back acoustic sound and layered harmonies. The result is something both haunting and hopeful.

Leading the Way on the Regional Chart

Brisbane's own tomtom has entered both the Metro and Regional Charts with his latest genre-blending outing, Day Dream. Sitting comfortably at number nine and ten respectively, tomtom strums out an instant classic reminiscent of early Radiohead or Grizzly Bear thanks to some crunchy riffs and melodic vocals. Day dream is the first taste of tomtom's forthcoming EP, Desiderata due to be released next year. Quivers have also entered the charts this week with When It Breaks hitting third place in Metro and second in the Regional. The track itself is the perfect addition to any road trip, brimming with a sense of catharsis within the group's signature jangly guitars. Frontman Sam J Nicholson notes "I’d been thinking how pop songs that reach for euphoria are sometimes about the darker things...As an adult you embrace the dark, but start to fear death when you realise life is finite but the best thing that will ever happen."

Beyond the Charts

As one of the newest additions to the Melbourne punk scene, BIFF have quickly made a name for themselves with their energetic live shows and high-octane tunes, combining the attitude and tempo of classic skate punk with psychedelic guitar and lo-fi garage production. I Wanna Kill definitely fits the mould as a certified punk tearaway and cements the three piece as a no nonsense outfit, looking to turn heads and maybe even bang them. This one - and future tracks - will also go out in a series of short run cassette releases called BIFFTAPES, so keep an eye out for those. BIFF might not be in the charts yet but we're sure to be hearing plenty more from them soon, watch this space!

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Leading the way on the Regional Chart is Brisbane songstress Sahara Beck with another shot of art-pop on Queen of Hearts.


Sydney based GLO has already made waves locally and internationally working extensively in visual projects/music videos for artists such as Sampa The Great, not to mention dance coordination for acts as big as Solange.


Music Moving the Metro Chart: Ngaiire debuts at number nine on the Metro Chart this week with her new releaase Shiver, while Rat!Hammock are leading the pack with Pick Up in the number one position. See what else is happening on the Metro and Regional charts.