CBX August 2013 cover

CBX: August 2013

CBAA Web Articles., 1st August 2013


  • Leading the Way on Indigenous Music Airplay
  • The Mike Thompson/Deutsche Welle Internships
  • Koori Radio celebrates 20 Years On The Air
  • ZED Digital’s live delay

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Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, is excited to advertise this year’s paid DW/CBAA Mike Thompson/Clare Atkinson internships for multimedia journalists.


Almost 30 Australian community broadcasters have benefited from a paid internship opportunity to travel to Germany and join the team in the Deutsche Welle newsroom. Read Ineke's story.


The April 2017 edition of CBX includes some of the latest Australian community radio research, articles on compelling storytelling and features on community broadcasters from across the country.